An Interview With Dino Lenny

A few weeks back we caught up with Dino Lenny. Having released music for the past 30 years, building an amazing back catalogue of productions, remixes and collaborations we couldnt wait to catch up with him.

He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the business, yet his own productiaons retain a distinct, personal style that is all his own. His most recent release ‘Camouflaged‘ is out now on German record label hafendisko.

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Ciao Dino – Can you tell us a little more about your new EP, Camouflaged?

It’s a track I recorded about 5 years ago. At the time I wanted to do something new and deliver a different sounding vocal, let’s  in a more falsetto style. I immediately got a good vibe about it, very rare that you get it right first take.

I was quite surprised as each time I switch on the microphone I cross my fingers. I’m a producer not a proper singer. People like my different tones but you know.. people are too nice. Plus technology helps a lot 😉

You have enlisted the remix services of Brynjolfur for the EP. How did the idea for him to remix Camouflaged come to life?

The guys from Hafendisko suggested his name and I went through some of his recent music. It made sense and he did a good job, works on the floor and gets in the chart. Does exactly what is says on the tin. Good call from label.

There are three versions of Camouflaged on the EP. What or where would be the ideal situation to play each of them?

The Original has become my closing track in some of my gigs, it’s very epic and touching. The ‘White & Black mix’ was actually the first mix I finished, it’s probably safer to play but also magic and laid back. Damian Lazarus played it in a great Sunrise moment at Burning Man, there is a video going round that is worth checking.

Why the title, Camouflaged?       

Because I’m like a chameleon each track is different, I need to entertain myself, I easily get bored. 

With 2 edits of the original already (available with the EP) are there plans for any more remixes of Camouflaged?

When you think you’ve done the best you can do it’s better to concentrate on new music. That’s the most exciting part of my job, creating. 

You released your first record, Cocaine with the aptly titled Flying Records, 30 years ago. How does your sound compare now to 1991 when Cocaine was first released.

It’s Iimpossible to describe what I’ve done in the last 30 years as a producer. I can’t even compare one day to another. Like many I’ve seen genres, people & djs disappear and then come back again. I think it will be hard to hear something that it hasn’t been heard already. It’s going a bit in circles, even our taste is. If someone played me Cocaine 15 years ago I wouldn’t probably enjoy it. Now I think it’s fun and that it’s a great first record to make, plus it was a hit 😉

Your remix credits include INXS, Planet Funk, Underworld, The Housemartins and Scissor Sisters (to name a few). If you could remix any of them again in 2019, which would you take back in the studio?

I would probably spend more time remixing Inxs just to live the 80s moment again. 

Working with everyone from Madonna to Underworld over the last 30 years. What has been your career highlight? You can tell us more than one.

Thinking back now I would mention a collaboration called ‘Barbed Wire’ with the WuTang Clan team. And Prince wanting to be credited on “I Feel Stereo” is quite a cool thing to drop once in a while during drinking hours with friends.

Now Camouflaged is released, what’s next with regards to your music.

I have a track out with Diynamic called ‘I lost appetite’ that seems to be bubbling well and a new release on buddy Maceo’s Ellum Audio called ‘Beg U’.

Posted by Ellum on Thursday, September 26, 2019

According to Wiki your track with Meck ‘Feels Like Home’ featured on the soundtrack for Wembley Stadium’s opening event, the FA Cup final in 2007. Is this true and if so was you present? 

True, it was the track that opened the event. But I was watching it on tv 😉


September 27, 2019