An Interview With Fabrikate

Last week we caught up Francis and Chuck, who form the duo Fabrikate, originating from Canadas city Montreal. Having recently released their 12 track album ‘Made Me Feel‘ we thought it would be a great time to catch up with them. We spoke about their new album, how they both met, what their favourite food is plus so much more.

Hi boys, how you doing? 

Hello! We couldn’t be better! Thank you for having us.

Let’s start by talking about how you two first got into the underground music scene? 

We both got into the music scene at a very young age, beginning with mixing at events, clubs and eventually evolving into music production and business.

Your new album is entitled ‘Made Me Feel’… are there any hidden messages behind the name?

Our motto with Fabrikate has always been about the experience we bring to our fans, whether it’s in a live performance or through our music. We’re always trying to evoke a feeling in everything we do. How did it make you feel?… and oh, it may just be a lyric from one of our new tracks. 😉

You both created 12 tracks for your new  album, were there any additional tracks which didn’t make the cut?

We’ve been working on this project for close to two years now so we’d be lying if we said that there weren’t other great tracks which didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. Let’s just say we may have enough tracks in the bank to release another album or maybe two… who knows, we may do just that.

If so, will we be hearing this any time soon?

The concentration is definitely Made Me Feel for the near future but 2020 is right around the corner and we’ve got some plans in the works.

How did the two of you meet?

I (Francis) come from the label background as well as production and was working on a remix competition about 5 years ago which we had received multiple applications for. To make a long story short, Chuck took that win clean and from there we’ve pretty much been inseparable. We bonded on music styles from the beginning and a two years later, we released our debut album Bodies.

Who would you say both of your inspirations are?

We’d have to say our fathers. My (Francis) father was a DJ and producer in the 70’s coming up during one of the best eras in music, Disco. Need I say more. 😉 My (Chuck) father was a huge fan of Disco and coincidently enough was a huge fan of most of the music Francis’ father was producing and releasing on his label. Fast-forward to 35 years later, the stars aligned and we connected with a similar bond.

To new upcoming artists, what would you recommend to anyone trying to succeed in music? 

Create, create and don’t stop creating. Don’t take no for an answer ever and always follow your vision and goals. You will fail, you won’t sleep much and your songs won’t always be what you envisioned but never let go. One thing we’ve learned is that this business never sleeps and there is always someone out there ahead of you. Don’t expect it to be an overnight success and first and foremost, do not get into it for the wrong reasons. Lastly, surround yourself by passionate people who are driven to succeed, as you won’t get far without having a good team around you.

How long did the production of the album take from start to finish?

It took approximately 18 months with a long list of bumps-in-the-road along the way. It hasn’t been a straight path to the finish, as we have been working on different projects as well. It just feels so great to see it out there for the world to hear. Nothing more rewarding to receive such kind messages from fans and artists internationally. It truly gives us the inspiration we need to keep working hard.

When working with vocalists, where do you start when writing lyrics? 

The production process always varies, especially this day in age. We’ve had songs come to life with singer/songwriters who we’ve never actually met still today. Other instances where we composed the song from start to finish and reached out to some of our favorite vocalists and lastly, a full colab in studio where we start an idea from scratch and see it all unfold. The latter is really the best approach though. The collaborative effort is really what makes the end product that much better.

From your new album, what is your favourite track and why this track the most?

 We feel it’s bad luck to single one out and after all the time and efforts which it took to make, we love them all. 

What’s your favourite food to eat? 

After all the unhealthy meals we’ve had over the course of the production, we’re both on major diets now;) Let’s go with Osso Buco, fresh lobster and being from Montreal, we can’t exclude Poutine. 

What does your typical day plan consist of? 

Label work from 9am-6pm, rush to the gym or an hour or so, try to enjoy a quick dinner and back to the studio until 3am. That’s a typical day in the life of Fabrikate… yes, it can get quite exhausting. 

When you first started performing, what genre were you playing?

House music and Disco have always been our first true loves when performing but of course you have to cater to the crowd and at a hound age beginning in the club world, you’re sometimes forced to play music which isn’t always your forte. We weren’t performing together in our younger years but I (Francis) first began spinning Dance + hip-hop and I (Chuck) was mainly focused on house and EDM in the clubs.

If you could run a party anywhere in the world, where would it be and why here? 

Let’s take if back 40 years, circa 1978, at the infamous Studio 54.

What would the decoration be like inside the venue? 

It would be nothing short of spectacular, while always keeping Studio 54’s raw and natural aesthetic. There was a magic there and with our added spice, it would be a night to remember. 

December 2, 2019