An Interview With Maxinne

A name rising through the scene quickly, we caught up with Maxinne again to see what she has been up to since last time we spoke.

Last time we did speak, she definitely wasnt in the same postition she is today so we are super proud of what she has achieved!

Hi Maxine, how are you doing? What have you been up to today?

Hi Dan, I’m good thank you for asking! Today working on a new collab and playing tonight so preparing some music for that.

You’ve been playing every week at Eden for Toolroom’s residency – what’s it been like seeing the season develop over the last few months?

This is my third full season on the island and it was always a dream to play at one of the big clubs one day so I couldn’t have asked for this summer to have been any better, it’s exceeded my expectations. Eden is an amazing club and I’ve loved playing there every Sunday.

Each week the line ups have been amazing and it’s been so good to meet more of the Toolroom family throughout the summer, both DJs and the people on the dance floor. And to see people flying in from different parts of the world to party with us has been incredible. We’ve got one more week left now! I cant believe how quickly it’s gone, but I’m excited for the last two parties of the summer!

Do you think what you play changes and the vibe and business of the island ebbs and flows?

The music culture on the island is really important and drives the businesses, what I thinks great is there’s a wide range of music styles whichever club you go to in Ibiza so there’s something for everyone!

If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

There’s loads of artists Id love to work with in the future, it’s hard to choose one! I’m working on a collab at the moment with a singer which I’m really excited about. More info coming soon on that.

What’s been your personal highlight from the summer?

Taking over from Mark Knight at Eden was definitely my favourite set this summer. I loved every minute of it, and played my recent releases.

You first came in contact with Toolroom via their Academy and We Are Listening programmes… what can you tell us about them?

Toolroom’s Academy was where it all began with me in my production journey, I had only downloaded a DAW about 6 months before this so just getting my head around how to use the software. Going to the academy events really encouraged me because Toolroom are so welcoming and gave really constructive feedback when A&Ring my music. I learnt so much from going to the events and WeAreListening and it also enabled me to meet the Toolroom Family in person and build my relationship further with them.

Why do you think it’s important for labels like Toolroom to be giving ladies a platform from which more of them can succeed and thrive in the industry?

Toolroom’s a leading label so it sets a great example out there for others to encourage more women and give them a platform too.

We’ve also seen you in a number of Toolroom photo shoots over the last year or so… do you think image in an important part of a successful DJs persona these days?

It’s been wicked doing the shoots for Toolroom’s new merch. The new range has just dropped now and it’s the best collection yet. I think having a brand is important, it’s like any artist whether a singer, DJ, band etc they have a brand identity and this can come through image, music, some identity about the artist that makes them unique.

What is your favourite food to eat?

I’m not a fussy eater I love most food! I especially love Thai food, Fish, and olives! Bread, Aioli and olives in Ibiza has been my thing this summer!

Tell us about some of the music you’re working on at the moment… what do you have coming up over the next few months?

I’ve just had a two track EP out on Toolroom Trax which has been getting some great support. Thank you to anyone reading this who has listened to or bought the tracks! For future releases, I’m finishing off a collab at the moment with a singer, she recently performed a live PA over one of my sets in Ibiza and we vibed so well together we couldn wait to get in the studio and collab.

I’ve also got a release coming out on Tube & Berger’s imprint Kittball records which I’m excited about, its for a great cause! I met them this year in Ibiza before playing at Eden and they’re both great guys and really talented. I’ve been a big fan of them for years so this is an honour to be working with them now.

Where do you call your ‘home’?

Southampton and Ibiza

What’s one thing you learnt or discovered about Ibiza this season that you didn’t know about before summer started?

That Eden is my new fav club! The sound system is so good, the way the clubs run, the staff, the layout and vibe is amazing. I’d never played there before this summer so it’s been amazing to be a weekly resident there every Sunday and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality.

What does the rest of the year hold for you, what would you like to achieve?

The rest of the year is gigging and studio!

What does your music production setup consist of whilst on the road?

My set up is quite basic at the moment where I’m in between Ibiza and the UK. I have a Mac laptop, mixing headphones and monitors. I’ve got quite a few software plug ins that I use when I’m on the road and I’ve actually made some of my best ideas whilst traveling.

Maxinne plays Toolroom Closing Party at Eden Sunday 22 September. Full line-up and tickets here: Click Here

September 17, 2019