An Interview With PAX

Last week we spoke with PAX, a duo who are increasingly gaining more and more recognition across the scene. They have already released on heavyweight record labels such as Elrow, Kaluki, Roush, Wow! Recordings, Criminal Hype to name just a few…

Good future in store with these two boys… We spoke about whats next for their new releases, who’s been heavily supporting them, who their biggest influences are plus more…

Let’s start by talking about what we can expect to hear from you in the next coming months with your own productions…

Aaron: We’ve just had our releases out on Kaluki, Roush and Criminal Hype out, and all three charted in the Beatport Tech House Top 100, so that was mega. Out right now we have a track out on a Lost Records VA, with a Lost records EP forthcoming. We couldn’t be more excited about the EP man, as it is perhaps our biggest record to date, and on one of our favourite labels too.

Charles: We’ve also got a remix coming out on Glasgow Underground for a big star in the scene. An EP scheduled in for Underground Audio.

Aaron: A remix on Underground Audio before that for Atriea as well.

Charles: And finally our EP on Sola has a release date.

PAX… Are there any hidden stories about you two naming yourselves this?

Aaron: We wish we had some cool story here but sadly, no. We just wanted something short, punchy, and stumbled across it somehow. We daren’t look into too much in case it’s something proper shit.

Charles: Yeah we really need to make something decent up. Bit late now though.

Aaron: People already call us FAX anyway.

Charles: Yeah thanks for that Solardo.

When you first started out, how long after was it you released your first track and what record label was this with?

I think after about a year and it was on Great Stuff.

What’s the best thing about being a DJ in both your eyes?

Aaron: The money

Charles: The drinks rider

Festival season now amongst us, will we be seeing you two performing anywhere?

Aaron: We came onto the scene a little late to get on at a lot of the festivals this year. We did just do the Beat Herder festival though with Solardo, and it was absolutely amazing. It was rammed from the get go.

Charles: We’re doing Forbidden Forrest, and one in Dusseldorf in September as well.

Aaron: Not a festival per say, but we’re doing The Warehouse Project on Boxing Day, which we literally can’t wait for.

Charles: Boxing Day is going to feel like Christmas Day this year.

Aaron: Santa isn’t real you know.

Charles: Lies.

Who would you say is your biggest inspirations when writing music?

Aaron: The money

Charles: The drinks rider

Aaron: Haha. For me it’s easy, it’s my two boys. Kids are a game changer man, everything becomes about them. Charlie’s is sleep, he does this so he can sleep in the day. You think I’m joking? I’m not.

Charles: I am a full on nocturnal creature, my best creativity comes around midnight.

Probably the biggest inspiration for me is the reaction we get when we play our new tracks out. A lot of other producers agree this is one of the best feelings you can have as an artist, and it always gives us a surge of inspiration to get back in the studio and work on the next bomb.

What heavyweight artists have recently been playing your music across the world?

Aaron: Jamie, Joseph, Steve…

Charles: We’re defo not on first name terms though. Haha.

Aaron: Haha. Good job I didn’t make nicknames up for them. Yeah loads of the big boys support us, which is so humbling. Whenever we see a video of Jamie Jones or Solardo for example playing our productions it’s just sheer goose bumps man. It’s still surreal.

Charles: Yeah when you get messages from the likes of Latmun and Prok & Fitch asking if you have any new music to send, you know you’re doing something right.

Aaron: Yeah Joe, James and Ben are wicked.

Charles: Haha!

July 27, 2017