An Interview With Reblok

We recently caught up with Serbian DJ/Producer Reblok who has been signing his music to the heavyweight record labels from the underground music scene, as well as being supported from some of the worlds best DJs… We spoke about his new music, how he first got into music plus loads more…

How would you describe the current sound that you are producing?

Well, its some kind of different tech house at the moment. I have two sides – a synthetic one which goes more for labels like Sola / Dirtybird and other side is more organic sounding closer to the deep / tech sound.

Mostly I like to release synthetic club sounds and in between 3-4 EPs of that one I maybe put an EP out of more organic sounding tracks, just to mix it up a bit because I could never make the same sound all the time like some DJ’s / producers do. I would get bored quickly and I’d stop doing this completely.

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What labels have you recently signed your music to?

Sola, Elrow, NoExcuseAbode.

Marco Carola / Music On Plays my song on Sunwaves Festival !!!Reblok – Arctic Landscapes !!! Totoyov

Posted by Goran Reblok Paradjina on Sunday, May 6, 2018

In the country you live in, what are your favourite 3 things to do away from music?

The thing that I like the most in Serbia (Novi Sad) is the nature, I’m really close to the only mountain and I like to go there to walk or ride my bicycle.

What would you say the underground music scene is like in Serbia?

Now all hell will break loose. Honestly, I think its very lame because promoters are not doing their job at all and by that I don’t mean on organising events well… that’s just 50% of their job..the more important thing is that they should be doing some research into the younger DJs and producers and not just push some random people who don’t even have a future in music industry..a lot of them bring foreign names and people don’t even know who they are.

They book them just because of their profile or a friend from their crew told them to book them… it’s sad at best and ridiculous..and that kind of thinking goes on from the smaller clubs up to biggest festivals in the country. Of course, there are a few people who know what they are doing but it is a rarity.

Over in Uk what venue would you dream to perform the most?

Fabric, Lightbox and Egg.

When working in the studio, what’s your favourite VST plugin to use for your synth sounds?

Well, it has got to be Sylenth and Sytrus definitely, with these two I can make anything I want.

How did you become a DJ?

Well, I never had the thought in my head that I would want to become a DJ…I spent a lot of time losing lots of hours producing on  FL Studio, for two years I did completely nothing..after 2 years I thought, ok I now have a half decent sound and let’s try to release something. Then the first gig came along and I remember exactly in one moment that I figured out that this is happening..and I had never planned it.

What DJ has inspired you the most to become a DJ yourself?

It used to definitely be Gesaffelstein and Jamie Jones but not at the moment..I liked what they played more during the minimal/ techno era ..his melodic sounding track amazon.. 🙂

June 1, 2018