An Interview With Rossi.

For our next edition of our interview series, we caught uo with rising star Rossi. as we speak about his new music, where his dream venue would be to perform, where we can expect to see him play plus loads more.

What would you say the genre of music you are producing is? 

It’s hard to say. Most people when they speak of my music, they associate it to Minimal.. as it’s not fully Tech-House. But if you go to Romania, that is where you hear the real Minimal and my sound is inspired by both sides of these genres, and also it has a Garage influence too. So sometimes I struggle to find the exact genre to place it in!

What is your release schedule looking like for the next coming months? 

The next couple of months are exciting, I have a few remixes coming out which has been something new for me to try. I have a single and some EPs on labels I have liked for a long time… so I’m looking forward to sharing these.

When working on productions, where do you normally start on the track?

Production wise, usually my main port of call is to get a simple kick/clap/hat pattern going, then I will write a bassline and build the track around it. That’s why most of my tracks are focused at the melody in the basslines. But other times I used a vocal and messed around with sections of it, to then build a groove from.

Your track ‘Paradise’ is out now. How did the link up take place between yourself and Insight? 

I was first introduced to the track by my friend Joe O’leary, he mentioned that he thought the vocals were so timeless and that a modern re-work would be really interesting to work on. (Alex & Trevor) ‘Insight’ were so supportive of the idea, even re-recording some of the stems for me to use! And from there it’s been a special journey to this point, as the record has such a great history.

To purchase Paradise out now on SIKR RecordsClick Here

Away from underground music, what is your favourite genre of music to listen to? 

It’s hard as I like so many different genres, each for a different reason. I love artists like Tom Misch, FKJ , Loyle Carner and I also listen to a lot of Disco. Jazz is always something I like to listen to on a nice day. 

Which leading DJs have been supporting your music recently? 

Recently I’ve had support from Rich Nxt, Enzo, Anotr, Michael BiBi, Pawsa and Kepler. 

Out of these DJs, which one gave you the biggest buzz? 

All of them! Anyone playing my tracks gives me such a great feeling, it’s still something I am not used too and it gives me such joy to see people appreciating my sounds.

YAYA Playing RKKIN – Rossi at Tamango record showcase

Thank you Yaya for supporting my music and playing RKKIN at Tamango Records showcase last week

Posted by Rossi – DJ on Friday, September 7, 2018

What does your DJ schedule look like for the rest of the year? 

The schedule so far … I have a couple more international bookings and then I’ll make my debut in Ibiza on September 1st (Solid Grooves @ Privilege). Then the majority of stuff is up and down the UK but I love playing in parts of the UK that I haven’t been to before, each place has its own sort of vibe!

If you could work with any producer, who would it be and why? 

I would love to work with Rich NxT or Archie, they have always been big inspirations of mine. Also, Michael James is an artist whose music I have consistently loved from the time I started DJing.. it would be really cool to work with him. Toman for me is one of the most exciting artists around at the moment, I think we are going to collab together soon on some projects.

Your favourite plugin to use when producing is?

I’ve always heavily used Sub Boom since the start, so it’s become a consistent plug-in that I use in my tracks. It’s always really worked for the sound I want to create.

Where would be your dream venue be to perform at? 

I think it’s a given that most DJs would dream of playing DC-10 in Ibiza, from the sound system to the vibe in there. For me, it has always been a goal of mine to achieve. Recently going to Sunwaves and experiencing the Romanian sound systems and rave culture has given me a dream of playing there one day. The crowd and vibe in those tents is my perfect idea of a party!

July 9, 2019