An Interview With Yulia Niko.

Earlier this week we caught up with Yulia Niko. prior to her debut release on the mighty Crosstown Rebels. We spoke about what she has been up to whilst being on lockdown, her new release, about her music production plus so much more.

To purchase Yulia’s debut Crosstown Rebels release – Click Here

Hi how are you doing? 

Hi, guys! I am great, I hope the team is too. Things seems like it’s they’re getting better and better.

You’ve just released on such a legendary record label, Crosstown Rebels. How did this project happen?

Fatima is my forth release on Crosstown Rebels, and each time the records get better and better. I’ve been a big fan of Damian Lazarus ever since I’ve entered the world of music and I always try first to get his feedback on my productions. Damian loved ‘Fatima’ and actually had the opportunity to test it out at the last few gigs he played before we went into lock down. He’s signed another release for later this year so I feel like the luckiest person ever.

With the current lockdown situation, what is your daily routine?

Honestly, I’m happy that my life is calm at the moment. I’ve been on a Bio diet and staying sporty. It feels like rehab, especially not having to fly or eat shit food from the airport. I haven’t been on a plane for three months now and I don’t miss it. But, I do miss packing a luggage and travelling around. Time away from touring has led to a lot of self-improvement. I’ve taken classes in lots of subjects I’ve always wanted to over the years too.

When you first started this project, did you know you were going to send to Crosstown Rebels?

Initially, I wanted to put together an album with more accessible and melodic tracks but I had put so much effort into every record with each one having a real story behind it that it ended up not making much sense to release all the records together as an album. Instead, they were split across Crosstown, Watergate and Nicole Moudaber’s Mood Records. Not bad at all, I think.

Beautiful track by Yulia Niko called “Fatima” released on Crosstown Rebels is now available on Beatport ?✨?

Posted by Deep Tech Minimal on Sunday, June 7, 2020

What is your favourite thing about the underground music scene?

That’s an interesting question… The ability to be different (exactly who I am) and to play music that I love.

What does your music production setup consist of?

I’m actually a laptop producer with a few tricks, secrets and some essential toys for inspiration. Most of my kit is made by Roland, more recently I got new HPD20 drum pad and I can’t get enough of it, you can hear it in my previous releases ‘Man Like Star’ and ‘Molly and Sally’. If I want get inspired, I visit a friend in Berlin whose is crazy about modular. I lose myself in his studio for a few days until I finish some solid projects.

When working on your productions, how do you know when a track is finished?

I can’t sit for a long time or work on one track. I’m very impatient so I usually jump from project to project. If after two to three hours of working on the same composition nothing good comes up, I usually leave the project alone for a while – sometimes months.

Most of the time, I’m super excited and boom it’s done. Then, I think it’s finished and people start to give me advice… It drives me nuts. So, I prefer to trust my heart and ears. I definitely like to sleep on a production then hear it again the next day to truly know if it is perfect or not.

Any other releases scheduled for this year?

I’m really excited about all the new music I’ve been making during lockdown. It feels very fresh. One of the v coming up next on Watergate Records (inc. a remix by YokoO).

Away from underground music, what is your favourite song to listen to?

During the pandemic, I’ve noticed I prefer to begin my day with ambient meditation music. Even if I start my day with checking emails, the music feeds my consciousness with positive energy and good intentions. If I’m cooking or cleaning I like jazz or classical music. From June onwards, I’ll be releasing records on my label Libe Vibe that are a little different so keep an eye out.

One of them is ‘Vale La Pena’ by Sil Romero. The track is like silk, delicious, melodic, enjoyed best with the view of the sea or a sunset.

If you could do anything in your career differently, what would you do?

I would open a beach club and play as much as I want. 1. I love to play. 2. I love the beach lol.

You’re stuck on an island and you are only allowed 4 things, what would you have with you?

Hmm ok, four things… a knife, sunscreen, tarot cards and a piano.

June 9, 2020