A.S.H’s Top 5 Tracks

Ahead of A.S.H’s debut release, supplying 2 stomping techno tracks on Alan Fitzpatrick’s label, We Are The Brave. We thought it would be great to also have a catch up with A.S.H to see what other tracks he is currently feeling too.

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Ilario Alicante – Leave Me

I love how this track drops. It’s a really good track for a turning point in a set when you need to kick things off after a warm up.

Spektre – Another Life 

This track if one of my top right now, mainly for its breakdown. It properly gets you involved in the moment and brings some trance vibes back into that pumping techno sound. I really love Spektre’s productions.

Alan Fitzpatrick – Joy Rider

This is a track that gets played nearly every single set of mine at the moment. It works so well and the crowd loves it. Every time I hear that main hook I think ‘Arrgghhhh what a sound!’. I really wish I made this track – it’s that good. LOL

Reset Robot – Held Note 

What can I say about this track – really nice vocal that sits perfectly with the percussion. I have heard this being played a few times in a lot of big clubs now and every time it’s played after a drop – the crowd reaction is insane, and something for which I can only hope for when dropping one of my own tracks!

Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star (Vicor Ruiz Remix) 

This one has all the amazing percussion you want to hear when mixing from track to track. As well as a lot of areas in the track to get some nice loops from. The whole thing just speaks for itself I think on many levels. I love playing it. Everything from its subby, fat, punchy kick, good percussion and a class hook!


August 2, 2018