Certain Circles X WE_R_HOUSE (Berlin, Germany)

Returning to Griessmuehle, Berlin see’s Certain Circles team up with WE_R_HOUSE for what will be remembered an event full of exciting deep and techy vibes to keep you grooving until the early morning… To view the Facebook event – Click Here.

Here are some of the artists who are playing on this hefty lineup… Subb-an who is an artist from Birmingham UK, who has had releases on record labels such as Cocoon, One Records, Mobilee Records to name just a few.

French born Brawther joins the German lineup. With his deep techy essence, with plenty of vinyl, he sure will bring the vibes to Griessmuehle. Recent releases with record labels Cabinet Records and Balance Records.

The Willers Brothersnow based in London UK, fly back to Berlin for what will be their fifth appearance. A duo combination that works so perfect. whether it’s performing to crowds over the globe, or they are locked into their Ableton Live studio space cooking up tracks that do pure wonders on the dance floor, the Northern brothers are making a strong impact towards the underground music scene.

Their track ‘Mind Craft Glasses‘ which is out on My Favourite Freaks has received massive support from the likes of Marco Carola!

Also happening this year is the first EP taking place on WE_R_HOUSE’s vinyl record label from The Willers Brothers.

Full line-up:

Subb-an (One Records)
Brawther (Cabinet Records // Balance)
Maik Yells (Neovinyl // Beste Freunde)
stevn.aint.leavn (Certain Circles // Beste Modus)
Porter (Certain Circles)
The Willers Brothers (We_R House // Beste Freunde)
SY (DE) (EWax)After hours:
Suff Daddy (Jakarta // House Set)
Steve.Martin (Certain Circles)

March 13, 2017