Chopstick & Johnjon’s Top 5 tracks | January

From the Suol Records camp, Chopstick & Johnjon selected their current top 5 tracks they are feeling. Whether its downtime chilling, or what they play in their DJ performances, they have selected 5 big tracks!

Tuff City Kids – Beau Tan

It starts off subtle but we guarantee that after the first third has passed, only smiling dancing faces will be on the dancefloor.

Atjazz – Track 1 (Mix 1)

Again, it’s such a dynamic journey and well selected and curated sounds throughout the track. We’re loving it when the deep and heavy melody kicks in.

Jimpster – Last Day Of Summer

It’s melodic, it’s thriving and it’s damn groovy… all ingredients you need to have fun at the club!

Chopstick & Johnjon – What Is House Music

Back to basics… a non-linear chord progression mixed up with some vocal bits and analogue beats, shake it well and the result is a hypnotic house groove made to dance!

Kolja Gerstenberg – Get My Love

This is pure funkiness! House music at it’s best from this talented young artist… just have a listen and you’ll see what we mean!

January 8, 2018