Dino Lenny – Chained To A Ladder Out Now

Chained to a ladder: There’s no way up. There’s no way down. You’re hung on a rung and there’s there no place to escape as Dino Lenny delves into your innermost psyche with this heavy slice of pedigree Italian electronica. A Darkroom Dubs debut from the original craftsman, ‘Chained To A Ladder’ is ominous in its mood and tone, dramatic in its new romantic vocal style and uncompromised with its devilish analogue aesthetic.

Remix-wise we’re unquestionably spoilt as label bosses Silicone Soul unleash their first production of the year with an immense 9+ minute cosmic bluesy stew, cooked slow and low with deep psychedelic flavours. A version that develops the original’s story in a stark way; this is what remixes were invented for.

Last but not least, Dino seals the deal with ‘The Right Place’. A broken drum mutant powered by technoid rocket fuel, its breakbeats drive a writhing groove that’s awash with touches of classic electro, new beat hardcore with dark broadsword bass sweeps. Splashed with sudden blasts of synth colour, Dino’s signature sense of contrast is visceral, focused and direct. A true homage to every genre’s foundations and salute to the future; tremors can be felt from techno to drum & bass.

As the recently released ‘Darkroom Dubs Volume IV’ celebrated the last few years of releases, Dino sets the scene for another exciting chapter for the label. A chapter that will see the label continue to explore its signature atmospheric late-night sounds, celebrates its 15th anniversary next year and a long-awaited fifth album from Silicone Soul. We’ll leave you hanging right here…

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February 27, 2018