Drew Moreland’s Top 5 Tracks | September

Faction event’s head honcho Drew Moreland told us 5 of his favourite tracks that he is currently playing in his DJ performances. Including one of Drew’s and Pat Hickey’s latest productions, ‘Back Of The Bus‘ out now on Twisted Fusion.

Patrick Topping – Dr. Vibes

Dr Vibes explores a more up tempo stomping sound, which for me marks the start of the new movement away from what is becoming an arguably saturated tech house sound

Bicep – Vale

Vale speaks for itself, like nothing else on the market, a completely incredible production, perfect for building a set, with it’s immersive chilled edge, allows a break in sets to create real tension and energy around.

Rich Wakley – Hoodlum

Hoodlum, I received in a long list of promos and it blew me away. This is one of my peak time weapons. Ultimate destruction is inevitable. It’s absolutely banging and the vocal hook on the drop makes it impossible to not raise a hand and ‘have it’.

Drew Moreland, Pat Hickey – Back Of The Bus

Back of the Bus, is myself and Pat’s new track, just released on Twisted Fusion. Released on a VA it’s stood up along side some huge names and is doing the damage. But I’ll let you be the judge of that, as I’m not here to tell you how amazing our own material is!

ANOTR – Cultural Decline

Cultural Decline, is yet another truly awesome track from the ANOTR boys. With a slightly acid feel, this track is one I keep to myself as every DJ in the booth when I play it is after stealing it! Definitely gets the biggest/best reaction out of the vast majority of my library.

September 10, 2017