Enrico Sangiuliano Interview From Drumcode At Tobacco Dock

Last Saturday we had a chat with Enrico Sangiuliano just after he performed at the Drumcode party at Tobacco Dock.

We spoke about how his performance went, whats been his highlights so far from 2017, what its like to work with Adam Beyer in the studio plus loads more…

Let’s start by talking about how your performance went today… What kind of styles did you play in your set?

It was really dynamic actually, I opened the Car Park park and I started the set with a lot more ambient tracks, lots of dubby tracks, slowly building into chunkier tracks as the set went on. Groovy techno, still trippy, but not too much. Lots of deeper grooves. Throughout the set I was increasing the styles slowly, taking everyone on a journey.

How was playing the car park today at Tobacco Dock?

Today was my first time, it was amazing! The thing is, I fucking love opening up parties like this one at Tobacco Dock, it’s super cool to start slow, and feel the vibe. It was such a good feeling handing over to Amelie Lens, leaving her with a full Car Park.

How was Amsterdam Dance Event, where did you play?

Amazing, I played Into The Woods the night shift party on the Sunday morning from 3-5am, in a hanger which was super busy with lots of girls… At the party, there were really good vibes throughout the night, which I ended on a stomping set taking over from Cosmic TRG.

The day after I played Loveland, which was an ADE closing party where Loveland and Gem Records where I played back2back with Luigi Madonna at 3am. Unreal!

After this… it ended with myself and Secret Cinema playing on an after party on a crane. My full intention was to go to sleep, but after the first few records we started building heaven slowly, ended with us playing for 6 hours back2back.

Whats happening next with your own productions, what will we be hearing next?

At this moment in time, I have no new releases planned yet. I want to do some research and refresh my sound a little, experimenting with new sounds. I’m keeping some spare studio time free, one week of every month to get lost in sound design, let’s see what happens…

A few months back you teamed up with Adam Beyer on a track… Whats it like working with Adam in the studio?

We started from an idea he had first started, 2 years ago. He sent over a draft, I suggested some ideas, so did he, then we finally met up to work together in the studio. It was great, to cross both our energies together to write a track.

The track is something very different to what I normally write, as well as what Adam usually writes too. The track is like a morning track, where I normally write big time stomping tracks for the night time. This one is different, a lot more melodies around the track, and it’s nice to take some of the oxygen away from all the dark techno tracks that we both produce.

When you play your track Blooming Era, whats the feeling like when it goes off?!

It’s literally amazing, I wasn’t expecting the reaction the track received when I played it today. It was huge, I thought to myself lets see what happens when I play it, then boom, what a reaction!


Why did you call this track Blooming Era?

I imagined an empty field, with a dark flower blooming up. Not very colourful, dark…

What events have been a highlight of 2017 for you? 

Awakenings festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, my second Australia tour, all the Drumcode parties I have played this year, where I am now playing 1/2 parties each month for them.

Another highlight of the year is being a part of all the amazing parties, all the people you meet and you feel in a family with all the other DJs, producers etc …

How did becoming a DJ take place and who has been a massive inspiration to help you succeed your goals?

I started performing on benches and tables whilst at school, which then followed with me learning to play the drums, It was a natural feeling for myself. I then found a passion for electronic music, which grew on me massively. I started to record different DJs radio shows and streams from their performances in the clubs onto cassettes and listened back to them constantly. At 14 I bought my first CD player, which I also had two different turntables which were completely different. That’s how I started, it felt so natural.

What label did you sign your first track with?

The first track I signed was called Igloo, I signed with  Swedish record label, Abyss Recordswhich included a remix from Hertz. This was who I sent my first demo to, but I had already been producing for years prior to this, playing the majority of my own unreleased music to big raves across Italy.

Enrico Sangiuliano plays the Drumcode party tomorrow night at The Warehouse Project, ManchesterClick Here for event details.

November 3, 2017