In Isolation With ManyFew

With the Lockdown keeping us more busy than ever, last week we managed to catch up remotely with Swedish duo, ManyFew. We spoke about what they have been up to on Lockdown, spoke about their new music plus so much more!

Hi boys how you doing?

We’re well thanks, spending lots of time in the studio.  

What have you been up to on this lockdown?

We’re more or less working in the studio 24-hours and are trying to produce as much music and content as much as we can. We’ve got some very exciting things coming!

Any new music upcoming you can tell us about?

Yes! We have a brand new single out now. We have just released it on our own label ManyFew Records. The song is called ‘On My Own’ and has received early support from David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Kryder and its on air on KISS FM. Which feels great! Our previous single last month ‘What You Do To me’ has been recieving a lot of love from Radio 1’s Arielle Free and the Kiss FM guys too.

We also have a release on Spinnin coming up in a couple of weeks.

What does your music production setup consist of?

We love to be as portable as possible and love to produce when we’re on the road. We’re using a laptop with loads of plugins in there, headphones and 2 pairs of studio monitors. Also we have a pair of travel monitors we are bringing with us all the time as well and a midi keyboard too. 

Favourite food to eat as a takeaway?

Pizza and Kebab

If you could work with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

Good question, there’s so many artists that we would like to work with Beyoncé is definitely one of them. Also Gregory Porter and Alicia Keys would be fantastic 🙂

We love RnB, Soul and Hip Hop and have been listening to Alicia Keys since her first album release and have been big fans of Beyonce since she belonged to Destiny’s Child. We love those strong soulful voices and that’s the reason we we love Gregory Porter’s voice too.

When we heard Claptone’s remix of ‘Liqiud Spirit‘ the first time we got an instant feeling of happiness!

Where are you both based?

We’re based in Stockholm, Sweden

Do you prefer summer holiday on the beach or a winter holiday skiing?

With no doubt we prefer a summer holiday on the beach. Love the beach lifestyle and we get so much inspiration and energy from the sun.

Have you been doing remote studio sessions over the internet whilst being on lockdown?

Yes! We are doing sessions with vocalists and we must say that it works way more efficient that we thought it would be.

Do you remember both of your first DJ sets, where was it and how did it go down?

We both remember it very well. We both started DJing at school parties and we still remember how nervous It was to play in front of all of our friends and class mates, even though it was just a school party we were taking it 100% serious. Preparing hours of hours with burning CDs to choose the right songs to play.

From any of your nights out whilst being drunk, doesn’t need to be music related… Tell us a funny memory that will always sit in your head.

Remember when we’re out partying with some friends at a night club, in the that club there’s a lounge area with lots of expensive art on the walls. Onenight we switched the placement of 2 big paintings even though the lounge was crowded. When we re-visited the club the following weekend the paintings was still in the position we left them, lol.

Away from underground music, who is your favourite artist to listen to? What track and why?

It depends on the mood, we like to listen to different genres but mostly RnB, Hip Hop and pop music. Right now we’re listen to The Weeknd – Blinding Lights


April 13, 2020