An Interview With Rowen Clark

A few weeks back we caught up with another legend in the scene, Rowen Clark. Having already released music on heavyweight record labels such as Under No Illusion, Deeperfect, La Pera, South Of Saturn, Lapsus to name just a few it was the right time to see what else he is up to!

Hi mate how are you doing?

Hi buddy, I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking!

How have you been coping in the lockdown?

Here in The Netherlands we have a “smart lockdown”, we are working with a social distancing rule. That means that you need to keep your distance of other people, it feels weird because I just to be surrounded with people every weekend. The good part is that I’m home with my son, I love spending lots of time with him!

When is your next release and what label is it coming out on?

My next release is on Under Pressure on the 29th of May.

How did you first getting into music? 

My dad used to be a DJ when I was really young, so I got introduced to music on a very young age. I listened to a lot of hip hop and R&B artists like Ja-Rule and Dr Dre  in my prepubescent days and in the 90’s I discovered house music on MTV, from artists like Armand van Helden and Roger Sanchez.

What’s your favourite sport? 

I really love playing Football with my friends on a hungover Sunday. Also, I’m a fanatic supporter of hometown club called Feyenoord.

When working on your productions, do you like to mix down as you go a long, or mix down at the end?

Throughout the years I tried a lot of things and learned different techniques. Nowadays I mix down as I go a long the track, that works the best for me!

You release a lot of music with Rone White, how do you two know each other?

Haha, that’s a good question! It all started on Facebook Messenger, because we both liked each others productions. Our real friendship started when we were booked on the same party in Belgium. The party wasn’t so busy so we started cracking jokes and talking about music and life. After that night our friendship started, all because of a half-empty party and a bottle of Grey Goose ;).

When you do work together, do you work together in the same studio or work remotely from your own studios?

Sadly Rone lives in Belgium, that’s too far away to work together in the same studio every time. Our current work process revolves around us mailing ideas and projects to each other, giving feedback or helping one another.

Away from this lockdown which we are all praying for, what does your normal day consist of?

I try to stick to my daily routine as much as possible.

I start my day trying to wake up early in the morning with my wife and son to get some breakfast together. After that I like to hop on my bike (I know, typical Dutch thing haha) and try to get some exercise. After that I start to work in the studio until 17.00. In the evening I’ll relax with my wife, watch a movie, play some games together or do something else fun!

What’s your favourite plugin to make you basslines with?

My favorite bassline plugin is definitely Subboombass. I started using it last year and it definitely changed my whole workflow. Shout-out to the guys at Rob Papen! <3

If you could play with any DJ In the world, who would it be and why?

That would be Jamie Jones 100%. I love his DJ-sets and the sound of Hot Creations!

May 25, 2020