An Interview With Brett Gould

After launching our new mix series wl001 with Brett Gould, we thought it would only be right to speak to him too to see what else he has been up to. We spoke about his new forthcoming releases, whats been some of his highlights so far from 2016 plus more…
Whats happening next for your own releases?

I’m hoping to do something for Snatch Records between now and Christmas. I have a remix of Hausworks coming on Twisted Fusion at the end of the year. January with Sola, Solardo’s label then February an EP for Glasgow Underground.

How did you first get into underground music and who inspired you the most?

I got into the scene by raving. I used to go to Drum & Bass parties all over London. I was massively inspired by Grooverider, DJ Hype, Ltj Bukem and Randall. I eventually got into house music… Now a lot of DJs inspire me for all sorts of reasons. The guys that currently inspire me the most are Camelphat, Solardo and Max Chapman purely because they’ve worked so hard over the past 2 years. The legends like Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Sasha and even Pete Tong inspire me because of their abilities but just how much they did for the scene.

How can you describe your sound in your productions to someone who hasn’t heard of your music before…

Dark, hooky and uplifting.

What have been some of your highlights so far from 2017? 

Forbidden Forrest definitely was a great gig. The first half of the set I played groovy, which led onto playing some heavier tracks. Solid Grooves in Ibiza was special to me. Release-wise, ‘I’m Feeling Good Right Now’ on Solid Grooves was an amazing release. It hit number 1 on Beatport’s new releases but showed that I like the grooves as well as the heavier tech house… My remix of Darius Syrossian’s track on Snatch Records really meant a lot as he’s someone I have looked up to for years and is definitely one of the best DJs in the game.

Who was the first big act to support your music?

I think the person that made me really go wow was when Claude Von Stroke supported ‘Body Language’ on Incorrect Music and I saw the videos! A lot of DJs say there supporting it’s when you see the video evidence and a crowd reaction

What was your first track signing and what label did this come out on?

Funnily enough, it was signed to Will Clarke’s label and the track was called ‘Lost Passport‘ after the time I went to Ibiza on my brother’s passport… that’s another story.


November 7, 2017