An Interview With The Cosmic Boys

We spoke with the Cosmic Boys, known for their techno minimal vibes they both play, as well as produce. As well as running their record label, Scander, we caught up with the duo to see what else they have been up to. We spoke about their new EP, how they both met each other originally met, what they’re first record signing was, plus more…

What can we expect to hear next from your own productions? 

We have a 2 track Techno EP, ‘Talisman which came out on our label Scander, on 12th January. Our tracks are called ‘Talisman‘ and ‘Other Dimension‘. We also have 2 remixes planned for 2018 and the ‘Best Of Scander‘ with 2017’s greatest tracks.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your productions before?

Our sound is pumping and Cosmic.

Our productions are Techno Minimal. For a few years, our style was more Minimal Techno but our music grew and matured always with the current trends. And today, our inspiration is more Techno. We have nice surprises coming out for 2018.

House or techno?

Techno, of course!

Do you prefer the UK or America? Why? 

Both countries are very different and that’s we like. Both are very strong in the electronic music history with the historic birthplace in Detroit and the first place in Europe with Manchester.

Last summer, we played in the UK and it was amazing. We look forward to soon coming back to play in England.

Prior to studio sessions, how would you say you gain the most inspiration in the music you write?

There are no rules for our inspiration, we only take the positive waves and we try to transmit them into the music we love to produce.

How did you two first meet?

At an after-party. A common friend of us insisted we meet. At that time, we had different music styles but we shared the same objective for our project.

Whats the top 3 apps you use on your mobile phones?

Our top apps are Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram. It’s important for us to stay connected with our fans and share with them our music, shows, news and anything nice we experience.

What was your first record label signing?

We first signed on Scander. Luckily enough and after a lot of hard work, we started our own label, Scander, in 2012.
Before starting Cosmic Boys, Scander already was a big label with great artists such as N’to, Joris Delacroix, Traumer.

Nowadays, our label keeps on growing, thanks to Cosmic Boys. We can say that both works closely together and we’re very proud.
Scander is a very well-known label within the minimal style and is well recognised on Beatport. We signed great artists as Reinier Zonneveld, Felix Krocher, Ron Costa and more.

And our first signature on an outdoor label was Minus in 2015. This was a real recognition for appearing on a legendary label like Minus.

When working in the studio, do you prefer to work with software plugins, or would you rather use hardware?

We mainly work with software plugins, and we like to work with Sylenth by Lennar Digital.

How would you say the music scene has developed since you first started?

The music scene has taken a strong growth since we started and especially during the last 5 years. With technology development, DJing is way more accessible so is making and producing tracks. It’s very cool because it develops music creativity which is, today, within reach of almost everyone. It also promotes competition and makes you want to develop your own style and work even harder. We really love it!

Cosmic Boys – Live Set Hall Debrecen (Hungary)

January 29, 2018