An Interview With Florian Frings

A few weeks back we managed to catch up with Florian Frings, after recently finishing his debut EP on RUKUS. 4 Techno tracks full of stomping goodness, with intense euphoric sounds to keep you floating on the breakdowns.

Hi Florian, thanks for chatting with us! You’ve just released your debut RUKUS EP, congrats! How did this EP come about? Was there a track you found particularly difficult to finish on the EP, and one that perhaps came more naturally?

Thank you very much! There was no real plan behind this release. After a small break, I started to jam and work in the studio again. Actually, all the tracks came totally natural. The only track which was more complicated ended up not on the EP, as I threw it away during the process.

What is your definition of the genre Techno?

The definition of ‘techno’ is hard to describe. For me, it’s mostly dark, groovy and pushy underground music for dance floors.

How did you originally get yourself involved in underground music?

A good question…my first real encounter with techno music I had in Cologne, when I was 15 years old. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the club, but that was the time it all started for me.

What record label did you sign your first track with?

The first EP I released was on Elmar Strathes and my Label 5D. records.

Any collaborations we can expect to hear in the coming months?

A couple of remixes are in progress and will be announced as soon as possible.

What’s next for you after this EP?

Coming up soon is the release of another EP on Justin James’s label Refused.

Florian Frings EP out now –

September 14, 2017