An Interview With Josh Gregg

We recently spoke with Josh Gregg after he delivered his mix for our Soundcloud mix series, taking us on a journey through house and techno hits. We spoke about Josh’s next coming releases, where you can catch him performing next plus more…

What’re your next releases we can expect to hear from yourself and what labels are these coming out on?

My next release is out now, a sole track on Cutting Edge’s ADE compilation called ‘Yoko‘. It’s a club focussed tune with interesting vocal samples and an acid influence that’s been working well for me.

I recently finalised the tracklist for my next EP. The record features two of the tunes which I have been asked for most in the past year – ‘Solo Uno‘ and ‘OTP‘ – as well as a new one called ‘The Rhythm‘ which is on a heavier tip. Label details on that will be announced in the next few weeks along with the remixer.

I’m really excited for the ball to start rolling with this, it’s been the best part of a year now since my debut ‘Raw‘ EP (on Max Chapman’s Resonance Records) went to #2 on Beatport so the follow up is long overdue.

Another release I’m really excited for is a single I signed last week to Glasgow Underground. It’s a deeper style than some have come to expect from me, with a lead vocal and lots of melody work.

It’s been such a beneficial experience working closely with Sam (Dexter, Glasgow Underground A&R) on getting this track right over the past couple of months. Glasgow Underground has always been a standout label for me since I first took an interest in electronic music so I’m really excited to be a part of it.

How would you describe your sound to the unknown…

Somewhere between house and techno with distinctive percussive elements. I’ve always had an eclectic taste in what I play and listen to but I think it’s harder to do that in production as consistency is much more marketable.

To be honest, I’ve kind of started doing it anyway (against all the advice I’ve been given from industry people not to) as I find it much more personally fulfilling. How can you expect people to enjoy your music if you don’t fully like it yourself?

The mix I recorded for the Louder podcast series shows off the wide range of sounds that go into my sets.

When sending demos, what would you say the most important thing is?

I’d say the most important element for me is always going to be the mix down. Whilst the demo, of course, won’t be the FINAL mix – the mix down is the point of distinction between bedroom and professional quality.

Every track you produce, do you send them off to labels or are there any you are sat on?

I feel like quality control is vital early on in a career as you will inevitably hate what you’ve made in a years time. As well as this, not overdoing it release wise will make your music less expendable.

I probably only send off 30% of the tracks I make. Half of the others I’ll occasionally still play out and half will be forgotten about entirely.

Who was your first track signing with?

I signed a horrible donk house tune when I was 16 which we will not get into. The first full release was the Raw EP on Resonance.

Any DJ bookings you are looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Yeah, there are some wicked parties coming up that I’m excited for. In the next month a few, in particular, Portal Halloween at The Rainbow as it’s my first time playing in the Blackbox (29th October) and two headline gigs at LuvRhythm Nottingham (17th October) and Collusion Sheffield (2nd November).

Lots of announcements coming for the end of the year soon!

October 16, 2017