An Interview With Michael Bibi

We recently caught up with Solid Grooves head honcho Michael Bibi to speak about the establishment of Solid Grooves, where his favourite venue is to perform, what is favourite chocolate is plus loads more…

Let’s start by talking about your brand Solid Grooves. How did the idea originally occur and did you ever plan for it to be as respected as it is now?

It started just as an idea for friends to come together that enjoyed a similar style of music that wasn’t really being done anywhere else at that time. We had no idea what it would turn into…

What can we expect to hear next from your own productions?

Lots to come this year, watch this space…

Over the years of performing, where would you say your favourite venue is to perform at? 

I still love the Vista Club at Privilege Ibiza. When the sun comes up through the windows in the morning there is no place on earth like it.

How would you describe the sound of the music that is being released on Solid Grooves?

‘Solid’ & ‘Groovy’

What DJ would you say inspired you to become a DJ yourself?

Tough one, but as DJ’s for pure skills it has to be Scratch Perverts, they first introduced me to the art of true a ‘DJ’.

How often do you use your own voice in your tracks?

90% of my tracks will have my own vocals in there somewhere. It naturally has become my signature sound.

Quickfire Questionnaire

Sex or music?

Both together

Indian food or roast dinner? 


House or techno? 


Whats your favourite app to use on your phone? 


Vodka or Gin? 


Xbox or PlayStation? 


Favourite chocolate? 


March 20, 2018