An Interview With Riaz Dhanani

Last week we caught up with Riaz Dhanani, we spoke about his recent release’s, whats been his highlights so far from 2017, whats in the pipeline for starting a new record label plus more…

Whats next for yourself with your own productions?

Lots of fresh material incoming and a nice range of different sounds! I have been working really hard in the studio this year and developing my sound further. Recently I dropped my remix of Gel Abril ‘Spells Of Yoruba’ which came out on Defected Records Ibiza Closing Album. I’ve also got a remix coming out of one of Gruv Elements’s track’s which will be released in December on Paolo Martini’s label ‘Paul’s Boutique“.

After that next year, I have a release on Solardo’s imprint Sola and another release with VIVa Music and some others but I won’t give them all away so watch this space!

What been one of your highlights so far from 2017?

Releasing on VIVa was one of my goals I had for this year, I’m over the moon to have a release with such a huge worldwide rebounded label! The EP did amazing and from that, I have had some of the most respected names in the industry support my music! From this my music is much more widely supported and this is another a huge goal for me itself! As a producer, there is no better feeling knowing your music is supported and being enjoyed!

How did becoming a DJ happen?

I have been into house music in general for years! From when I was young me and my mates would buy the slammin vinyl tape packs that had all sorts of acid house sounds through to jungle and hardcore! Around 2007 (I think) I really got on the minimal wave, it was really getting played out in Ibiza at all the ‘cool’ parties when I went there. From there I think I really got into the more sub-genres of house with what DJ/producers I was feeling and their movements.

What does your studio setup consist of?

My set up is pretty standard nothing too special yet! The DAW I use is Ableton and sometimes I use Maschine alongside this. I’ve recently purchased Ableton’s Push 2 controller so I’m looking forward to using that. I have two sets of speakers, Yamaha HS80s and Adam Ax7s. Hardware I’m looking forward to building on but at the moment I have a Supernova and a Korg volka bass.

Anything in the pipeline with starting a record label?

Yep sure am! I cant unfortunately say too much about this project yet but I will be launching a label with 2 partners around February time. I’m really looking forward too it. We just wanna have an outlet to put out great music! We get sent so much stuff that’s gold dust and would be nice to have a label. We have some great names already from the likes of Anek, Davina Moss, Mirco Caruso and more! Keep an eye out!

What record label did you first sign to?

My first release was on Audio Rehab in 2012 it was a collab I featured on called the ‘Collaboration EP‘ with Mark Radford and Adam Cotier.


November 8, 2017