Jozef K Speaks Ahead Of Sankeys East Performance | 18/02/2017

Ahead of Jozef K’s performance this Saturday at Sankeys East for Tribal Sessions, we decided to have a chat with him to see what else he is up to this year…

A lot of new releases by the sounds of it and some fun DJ bookings to follow!

Tribal Sessions, one of the most legendary nights in the UK clubbing history, returns from the summer season this Saturday at Sankeys East with Josh Wink, Jozef K, Terry Francis, GW Harrison, Casey Spillman, Cowlin plus more…

How would you describe your ‘sound’ when you produce music? Why is it different to other producers?

I produce from the heart, and I always seem to include a little nostalgia from rave yesteryear, though it is never consciously intentional, it just happens.

What’s your summer 17 plans looking like? 

Ibiza, Tribal Sessions, every Saturday, also rumors of an Australia tour are just beginning for late summer too.

Who was the first established DJ to play one of your tracks and how did this make you feel?

Sasha, when he signed mine and Winter Son’sStraw That Broke The Camel’s Back’ EP. It felt incredible, Sasha is one of the biggest DJ’s in global dance music, it’s Sasha!

How did the relationship between yourself and Tribal Sessions evolve?

Basically, it has been one big and dreamy rollercoaster ride. I used to go to Tribal Sessions every week when I was 17/18… I handed in a mix CD when I used to work in the office, was subsequently offered the chance to warm up the basement and it went from there, that was 8 years ago and it feels like yesterday.

What’s been your biggest moment from performing that you always recall?

Walking through Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at 7am high as fuck the first time I played there, remember feeling happy beyond belief that me playing records took me to NYC.

Anything in the pipeline with any releases this year?

So much. Next up is on Skint, ‘Unconscious Rebellion‘ EP which is a collab with Winter Son and features a Kim Ann Foxman remix. After that a collab with Lee Walker & Winter Son on Criminal Hype.

Following on from that Scene: part 1, on Music For Freaks, which has had some huge early support from the likes of Midland, Andre Hommen and Axel Boman.

I am also working on a solo album at the moment too, although it could end up being a bunch of EPs… Who knows?! Who can be arsed with albums these days, I mean I can, but do the general public? Fuck it I might put it out anyway.

What made you become a DJ?

Basically, I am shit at everything apart from playing records, had to be alright at something I guess.

What can we expect to hear from you in the next coming months for your own releases?

At the minute I am working on a solo album, though it could end up being a bunch of EP’s I’ve not decided yet. Who can be arsed with albums these days, I mean I can, but do the general public? Fuck it I might put it out anyway.

February 15, 2017