Luca De Santo’s Top 5 Tracks

After recently reviewing Luca De Santo’s EP which he released on Carl Cox’s label, Intec Digital. We thought it would be a good idea to find out what else Luca De Santo is currently playing in his sets.

Weska & Kevin De Vries – Cataract (Odd Recordings)

This is a seriously big one for me. Starting off strong and carrying a gritty rolling vibe the whole way through. Major peak time banger! This one fits perfectly into my sets as it’s the right amount of melodic and the right amount of dark. Smashing this out with the strobe lights going off is what makes it special!

Ramiro Lopez – Being Alone (Drumcode)

Massive track from Ramiro here. Some very unique sounds and when I drop this one the crowd always loves it. I remember playing it to a packed out after party at about 5am and it certainly kept the crowd in the palm of my hand! Major from Drumcode as usual!

Drumcomplex – Flak (Unrilis)

This one is a long journey through. Heavy kicks and raw stabs following through into a big euphoric main break sets a big vibe on the dance floor. The style of the track fits with some of my own productions so it’s a special connection for me. When I play this in my sets I always get that “WHAT IS THAT??” reaction from the crowd. Big!

Spektre – Another Life (Kraftek)

I don’t quite know how to explain my feelings on this one. I was blown away when I first heard it with it’s extremely catchy vocal and that insane drop after the main break. I’ve always been a huge fan of Spektre’s work but this one has smashed it out of the park. I will be playing this in my upcoming sets and I know the crowd will be taken away!

OC & Verde – Sacrifice (Octopus)

This is a big time roller also. It slots perfectly into my earlier sets while building a big groove! That bass stab is huge! The catchy fx elements turn many heads on the dancefloor. I love the suspense that is built before the huge bass stab gets dropped and it just fills the room! Huge work again from OC & Verde.

February 9, 2018