Pirupa Speaks About Recent Success

Next, up to our interview series, we had a detailed chat with Pirupa. He’s a name that has defintely helped the underground scene develop into what it is today.

With both his earlier productions which include tracks “Sweet Devil“, “Get Funky“, and of course “Party Non Stop“, as well as his new stomping tracks which are causing real damage.

Pirupa told us his biggest highlight from his career so far, what we can expect to hear from him next, what it’s like being a DJ on the road plus more…

What’s been your biggest highlight of your career so far?

It was when I received the DJ Awards at Pacha Ibiza in the Summer of 2012. I didn’t expect to win and to be at the ceremony with DJ’s in the likes of Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Maceo Plex, Seth Troxler, Armin Van Buren plus more…

I was very excited, my voice during the award was trembling and I was sweating but at the same time, I thought that if I was there, it was because I really deserved it because that track was played by all the DJs, underground and also EDM! That night still stays in my mind!

Any special DJ bookings you are looking forward to this side of the summer season?

I’m planning to have some shows in South and North America and Australia in the coming months. I really love to play outside Europe because I’ve got many followers around the world that appreciate me and this makes me feel happy so I can’t wait to have great shows there.

What can we expect to hear from you in the next 6 months?

A lot of new projects are coming on my label NONSTOP, but also I’m going to release two techno EPs on Suara and Octopus. I’m really happy with the techno side of my DJ’ing & producing because I’ve had 3 great releases in 2015/2016 on labels such as Drumcode, Intec and Octopus.

Whereas on my tech house side I’m going to release an EP on Deeperfect with a great remix from label boss Stefano Noferini and an EP on Monaberry, Super Flu’s label which I’m a big fan and supporter of.

Also, I’m going to release a remix on Selador, the original track is from Just Her feat. Kieran Fowkes. I was really attracted to the vocals in this song so It was very hard to decline this remix!

When you signed your first track, how did you feel?

Was in 2006, many years ago and was a USA label, from NYC. Sincerely, I was super happy but I was not sure of the sound of my music. The first years I was a little bit confused because wanted to do techno, but after years I defined my sound into tech house. I mean Techno and House!

When you first started out as a DJ did you ever think you’d be where you currently are within the music scene?

No, but I wanted to be like this, traveling, making good music and amazing gigs! It’s not easy and there also needs to be a touch of luck but in the end, I realized my dream, to be an international DJ & producer and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Being a DJ is the best thing, right? 

Hmmm, I don’t think especially when you do 2/3 gigs every week, traveling alone, no sleep, eat bad etc. etc. For sure when you play in front of your fans is the best feeling, you don’t feel the fatigue or the stress because you feel proud of your job but traveling can be very hard and not easy.

What’s been the biggest crowd you have played to and what was the feeling of controlling all them people? 

I played in some big festivals in front of 10,000/15,000 people and it was not easy to control all the people because I needed to play totally different from the club gigs, techier and needed to play all the huge tracks.

Usually, at festivals, the set times are very short because I share the DJ booth with many other artists so in a shorter amount of time, you have to take control of so many people and believe me, it’s not that easy! Usually, when I play a short set I prepare a short list of hottest tracks I’ve got in my bag and all the tracks are very groovy and more techno than tech house.


January 25, 2017