TERR Release’s 4 Track EP On Clash Lion

Clash Lion is a mix of three personalities; Shall Ocin, TERR and Daniel Watts. Three artists with different musical backgrounds merging forces to create a truly eclectic and open-minded label.  After the success of their first release from Maetrik firmly putting this label on the map, it was followed by releases from Shall Ocin, Daniel Watts, ANNA and 2018 artist of the year to watch Risa Taniguchi.

After successful releases on Permanent Vacation and Correspondant, TERR makes her first appearance on the label, which also marks the one-year anniversary for Clash Lion. For their seventh release, TERR unveils ‘Dust’ – a vocal 4/4 electro track, with remixes from fellow label owner, Daniel Watts, Cardopusher and Curses.

Bringing her hometown punk sensibilities to bare on this new single, TERR’s analogue and digital worlds come crashing together. Dystopian in tone, the song speaks of an inevitability of the human condition while an electro bassline buries itself into your subconscious ably assisted by sparse percussion and weird glitchy FX. The raw electro version from TERR accentuates the mood adding an authentic 80s feel to the drum programming.

On remix duties, Berlin-based New Yorker, Curses applies a hefty dose of New-Wave, adding extra bounce to the bass and making the vocal super psychedelic. Fellow Brazilian and label owner, Daniel Watts deepens the vibe with a trippy deep techno ride perfect for the early floors. Finally, Cardopusher who’s been on something of a hot streak recently provides a gritty, raw 4/4 electro hybrid full of spiky punk energy. 

September 26, 2018