Marco Carola Welcomes Steve Lawler, Monika Kruse, Lauren Lane & Hugo Bianco

Music On provides a pleasant dose of techno and house music this Friday as Marco Carola, the man who knows how to read a crowd perfectly, is joined on the Terrace by another legend, Steve Lawler, making his first appearance at Music On Amnesia. Steve, with more than two decades of experience, is an artist boasting a wide musical spectrum, and his delicious and challenging style will be responsible for revving engines on the Terrace, warming up the dance floor for Marco to continue the vibrant sound trip until dawn.

There will also be a musical feast in the Club Room as Monika Kruse and Hugo Bianco bring with them the most appetising techno around. Monika Kruse will season the room with robust and impetuous sounds – techno from the heart but also from the mind.

Lauren Lane joins the lineup to play the Club Room, bringing her grooves to another Music On party. Having previously played on a Music On party, she is happily welcomed back.

Meanwhile, Hugo Bianco will kick off the evening, with one of his greatest skills that of knowing exactly what to do at just the right time – and with just the right style.

Once again, Music On brings contagious vibes and infectious energy to the white island.

July 26, 2018