Top 5 After Party Tracks – Wild Dark

We recently caught up with the duo that forms Wild Dark ahead of their 3 track EP out now on record label ‘The Garden’s Of Babylon‘. We spoke with them to find out what they are calling their Top 5 After Party Tracks.

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New Jackson – Made it Mine

This tune is a favourite of ours from a few years back. A moody bassline, automated arp, simple drums and the haunting vox keeps the vibe nice and spaced out.

HVOB – Shinichi

A track off HVOB’s album “Rocco” from 2019, this slow burner always puts us in a great mood. For an intimate after party. The stripped-down intro sets the mood with some deep groovy low end, filtered down tones and Anna’s mesmerizing vocals. 2:30 into the track and it unexpectedly kicks into 2nd gear with a nice punch. Stunner of a tune. 

Shaun Benjamin – Desolat (Letkolben remix)

Another one for the intimate shenanigans. a deep broken beat with some really warm piano chords, perfectly twisted arrangement of tones and strings, along with a variety of well-placed efx/vox, always keeps the mood nice and captivating.

kuniyuki – Black

Another tune we’ve had on us for a few years. a wicked track full of dark harmonious tones, eerie strings, twisted vocals hard hitting strategically placed drums, and a bouncy broken beat with frequent relentless drops that always cause a frenzy on the floor. 

Maga & Nhii Monogram (Wild Dark Remix)

One our most requested tunes, and a staple in our late-night sets.

November 29, 2021