Top 5 Female Artists – Selective Response

We caught up with Selective Response ahead of his next single ‘Salt In The Wound‘ out on the 27th May to see who his Top 5 favourite female artists are.

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‘Right now, the United States is in the infant stages of a techno revolution. Things haven’t been this exciting since perhaps the initial explosion in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The underground scene has seen a massive resurgence, and long with it, a new wave of artists are pushing boundaries and developing new sounds to call their own. 

As a member of the West Coast techno community, I’ve been fortunate enough meet and witness the growth of many incredibly talented artists who constantly insprire me to work harder at my craft so that we can establish the techno sound we believe in.

Below are five cutting edge female artists who I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and are, in my humble opinion, worth paying attention to.’ 

Sara Landry:

This should come as no surprise. Sara made massive strides in her over the past couple years and watching her grow from who she was when we first met at a party in Miami has been so rewarding to watch. I’m so proud of her. With her recent signing to WME, she’s about to become an even greater force. Even more now that she’s gotten her label Hekate up and running. Playing together at the Reform party in Spring was everything I’d hoped it would be. Much love for my witchy sister. 


Another artist who’s doing huge things now. Being a part of Charlotte de Witte’s crew has allowed her to showcase her work to crowds at some of the world’s best clubs. When I first came across her and saw she was from LA, I reached out say hello and connect with another local artist. Since then, we have become great friends and jam in the studio together all the time. We see eye to eye on many things, and work very well together. We had the chance to play b2b at sewer rave down in San Diego, and her prowess on the decks is nothing short of impressive.

Lindsey Herbert:

Most recognizable hair in the game? Perhaps. But beyond the vibrant and fun hair is an artist who is fiercely dedicated to her work. Beyond her top-notch psychedelic and spacey techno, she’s also part of the Direct To Earth crew up in San Francisco, and helps curate amazing line-ups that you’d usually see in Europe. Every new track I hear from her gets better and better, and she’s really begun to shine in the techno community. 

Annika Wolfe:

Where to begin? Let’s start with their music taste. Impeccable. Annika brings the funk like no one else, and their tracks range from techno, EBM, funky electro, to punk and everything in between. Any time Annika sends me a track, the same thought comes into my head – “Fuck, this is some shit!” We have plans to work on tunes together, and I can also imagine the results will be wild. Their track Electro-q-shun might be my favourite track on the Core Values VA. Annika also loves punk and hardcore, a key inspiration/element of my own music.


This mamasita is a newer face in the underground, but she’s begun taking over the LA hardcore scene with each passing weekend. I was instantly blown away when I first heard ‘The Look In Her Eyes‘. So much power! No nonsense, no massive synth leads, just raw hardcore pumping through the speakers. I love playing this track and try to play it every chance I get. I also got to test some of her newer work at the Spring edition of Reform, and the crowd loved it. I’m extremely excited to see where she goes from here, and I’m eager to get her on the label. 

May 23, 2022