Top 5 Tracks – Carl Bee

For our next Top 5 Tracks article, we were welcomed by Carl Bee. Having had releases on Spectrum and Intec to name a few, it was great to see what he his digging as his Top 5 Tracks at the moment.

Carl Bee – Procomber – Spectrum NL 

Procomber” is one of my favourite productions I have produced recently, made this track during the pandemic period were everything was closed and like many other producers and DJs, I spent most of my time in the studio for almost everyday without any interruptions.

I like to have a driving groove in my music and this track pretty much sums it all up. It’s a fairly simple track but very effective and crossover in terms of style. I was really happy when Joris & Edwin liked it for Spectrum, It’s the perfect home for it. And thankful for all their support. 

Keith Carnal – Ape Shit Crazy – Bpitch 

I really love this track, It’s always an obvious pick when playing peak time sets, I like the energy and always works wonders when I want to go up a notch and give that extra edge. Such a powerful techno tune 

Rocco Rodamaal – Tbt3 – Memories 

Percussions again here 🙂 … I love the simplicity of the groove. It stands out every-time I play it. 

Aubrey Fry – The Loop (AF Extra-Vaganza Mix) – Bedrock 

This track is one of those that I tend to leave to close a set,

It has that sort of emotion that you go home from a night and still stuck in your head, 

Christian Nielsen – Love For My Love – Diynamic 

I like this most of the stuff from Christian Nielsen and this track is constantly in my playlist at the moment. I like the crossover sound of it, between techno, this new element of electro and most of all the baseline is a killer. Works every time 

Harvey McKay – Father – Kneeded Pains 

Very particular track, Always a highlight when I play it. I like to play this when I need to create a moment in my sets, to give some breath yet keep the energy going with emotions. Im loving all of the tracks from this album.

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August 1, 2022