Top 5 Tracks – Jack Swoon

We caught up with Jack Swoon ahead of his Blue Lady EP on Pete Tong’s record label, Three Six Zero Recordings.

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He chose 5 house tracks which he thought were amazing from 2021, which were quite under the radar, and were not recognised as much as they should have been.

Kharfi, A-21 – ‘Body’

Why: This track is a perfect vibe! I love everything about it and now I often talk to Kharfi online, who knows, maybe a collab in the future.

warner case, Jean Tonique ‘i miss new york’ 

Why: This track is a great summer vibe. The lyrics also an amazing visual in your mind which makes you just want to surround yourself with friends.

bad tuner

Why: The production on this is great! I love the heavy side chaining. Also love the distorted keys. Makes you want to dance your ass off! 

49th & Main, KhaliKid ‘Alcoholics’ 

Why: On a hot day buy some beers, invite your friends over, hope that one of them brings the Tequila and then slap this song on. Thank me later. The synth is so infectious and the bass just so groovy. 

Donny Rotten ‘Falling In Love’

Why: I’m a big Motown and Soul music fan so when I first heard this song I was over the moon with the use of sample. The extra percussion and strings just make it a whole new vibe. Very much up my street!

April 6, 2022