Top 5 Tracks – Murphys Law

Featuring on our next issue of the Top 5 Tracks series, we welcome the duo that form Murphys Law. Sonny and Finn have already released on some of the biggest labels, are set to release a load more amazing releases, plus are constantly received heavy support from the don Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Joey Daniel plus a ton more!

Watch out for these boys as we see them blowing up in the scene in the coming years! LISTEN HERE

Murphy’s law – Good Gracious

Had to plug one of our own, and it’s probably been our most heavily supported record to date. Proper party starter and one were always excited to draw for!

Astre – Classic Vibes

Astre is one of our favourite producers, the guy just doesn’t miss. He releases new music more than we change our socks but it’s all unreal stuff! This is just a great house track and will always be special to us, after blowing up 93 feet east when we played there the weekend lockdown ended. 

GuyMac – Freak your mind

Guy is one of our favourite producers. This track is right up there with his best. It’s a high energy roller with super tight percussion and incredible synth work and a killer vocal… what’s not to love?

David Penn – The Power 

We regularly draw for this track towards the end of our sets. It always brings energy level up a bar and it’s possibly our favourite defected release. House music at its best!

ANOTR – Keep On Breathing

Probably our favourite house producers right now. This tune just has an infectious groove, quirky synth work and a rumbling bassline. This is at the darker end of their sound but still has the usual charm that we’ve all come to expect from their tracks.

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July 26, 2022