Top 5 Tracks – Odyssette

We recently caught up with Odyssette to see what he is saying his Top 5 Tracks are. He has also recently remixed Ferielle’s track Grand écran which is out now! LISTEN HERE

Bicep – “Just”

I’m a huge fan of Bicep. I consider them as the proud successors of Orbital.

This specific track is the epitome of rave with this haunting repetitive synth riff that drills your mind and gives you a great trip. The break beat with this huge kick drum that comes and goes through the filters and the moody synth pad creates the perfect canvas for the building of the track. You can play it at any time.

Max Cooper – “Micron”

The definition of hypnotic techno. Max Cooper is an expert of this kind of tunes. The progression of the song is more than perfect. Every 8 bars something new comes up dragging you more and more on this hypnotic vortex full of synth sounds, bleeps and glitches. The vocal hummings combined with this amazing (like violin) distorted lead sound riff is the cherry on the cake that gives a unique character to the track.

Jon Hopkins – “Emerald Rush”

The perfect after-track. Beautiful melodies and chord progressions combined with the Hopkins-style 4/4 mid tempo beat. Open saw synths with filter gate effects and carefully created noises in an intelligent cerebral trip that makes a great closure for my sets.

Stephan Bodzin – “Singularity”

Bodzin is the master of analogue synths. With his Moog-Sub37 he creates techno soundscapes like no one else.

“Singularity” is the track that introduced me to Bodzin and will always be in my heart. This track is the best example of how you can create a masterpiece with just a synth riff by manipulating the filters, the LFOs and the pitch of the oscillators. Hypnotic and uptempo at the same time.

Foals – “Late Night (Solomun remix)”

A great remix for a great song that can shake your soul. A very simple sidechain bass pad through great filters. The synth lead that comes and plays the melody is epic. And of course a great use of Philippakis vocals with the right repetitions and delays. The best part of the track is that fat synth pluck sound played with this strange pitch bend tweaks. Amazing!

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July 15, 2022