Top 5 Tracks – Project89

Ahead of Project 89’s next release coming out on the mighty PIV records on the 26th November, we managed to catch up with Jeroen to see what his top 5 tracks he is currently feeling at the moment.

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1. Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett – ‘Gabriel’ (Live Garage Version)

This song is special to me. When I bought my first set of turntables and mixer my brother gave me my first vinyls to practise with. Back then I was really into UK Garage -still am though- and next to ‘Destiny’ by Dem 2, Antonio’s ‘Hyperfunk’ there was ‘Gabriel’ by Roy Davis Jr and Even Everett. My oh my, what a record. It has such a laid-back vibe, the vocals are stunning and you just fall in love with the trumpet lead that comes and goes. I can still listen to this record all day. 

2. Dirty Vegas – ‘Days Go Bye’

One of the very first experiences I’ve had with house music was because of this record. It is such a mysterious yet driving and grooving record.  It reminds me of playing this on my stereo pretending being a dj while turning the volume knob up and down while visualising standing in a club. The good old days haha. Someday I’ll make a classic which will be almost as good as this one. The baseline has such a groove and the vocals are mysterious and catchy, what a journey.

3. Voyeur – ‘Musicbox’ (Archie Hamilton remix)

This song really made me drop everything I was working on and forced me into a new corner of producing. I used to produce straightforward Tech House and this song just opened my eyes. It has such a brilliant combination of atmospheric pads with solid drums, bass and groove. I remember opening my closing set together with High Soundsystem in Toffler, Rotterdam 3 year ago with this son and the crowd went off. From that moment I fell in love with the whole minimal house scene and finally knew what type of music I wanted to make.

4. Maya Jane Coles – ‘Will I Make It Home Tonight’

I’m a huge fan of Maya Jane Coles older work. It’s deep, it’s emotional and even though it’s kind of repetitive it just never stops being interesting. I always carry this record with me in case I’m doing a warmup set, while people are enjoying the beautiful sunset on the beach getting ready to dance till the morning. An amazing piece of art if you ask me and a terrific way of starting a night out’s journey.

5. Roy Ayers – ‘Holiday’ (Ben Rau meta mix)

Ben has been a huge inspiration for the last three years and this song still has a special place. When I first heard it I felt like he was way ahead of his time. I haven’t been able to make a song so groovy and timeless yet. The organ solo on top of the piano chords and his well-known bass-line sequence and sound just blend perfectly. I’ve played this so many times and I’m sure I’ll be playing it for a long time.

December 6, 2021