Top 5 Tracks | Ronnie Spiteri

A few weeks back we caught up with Ronnie Spiteri. To remember the summer madness, we asked Ronnie to pick his Top 5 Ibiza Tracks for 2019.

Ronnies latest EP ‘The Empty Eye‘ is now available on Alan Fitzpatrick’s record label We Are The Brave. To purchase on BeatportClick Here

Ronnie Spiteri – ‘Sunrise’ 

I had to choose one of my own tracks at least for this list, so chose the last release I had on Knee Deep In Sound this summer. ‘Sunrise’ is the perfect track to get the tempo of the set up a bit, played this so much this summer.

Reset Robot – ‘Orly’

Dave is such a great producer and bossed it with this track – it has such an old school vibe to it. Generally, I use this one to close out my sets, as its such a weapon.

Alan Fitzpatrick – ‘Treat Me Like A Whore‘

Alan Doing what he does best! Proper banging and always takes the roof off

A.S.H – ‘The Drop’ 

A.S.H is a new name on the scene, but his last EP was cracking on We Are The Brave. He really came up with the goods on this track and its really nice piano hook which always gets the crowd going.

Marco Resmann –  ‘The Sun’

This track has been around for a while but when a track is this good it doesn’t matter how old it is! Marco really made something special here, and I always love to play it, so it had to make my Top 5.

October 11, 2019