Top 5 Tracks | Rudosa (Old School Techno & Schranz)

We caught up with Rudosa, who has previously been featured on our interview series, but this time we had a chat to see what his top 5 old school techno tracks are.

DJ Rush, Eric Sneo – I Control The Bass 

Classic DJ Rush and Sneo. It’s a super fast record with DJ rush on vocal and fast rolling percussion. Cutting the bass in and out on this record with these vocals is the best. One of my favourites.

D.A.V.E The Drummer and The Anxious – Hydraulix 16 A 

This one is an absolute bomb. A real chugging/driving track which features an amazingly gritty vocal – love it

Andreas Kremer – Drums from Hell (Kay D. Smith Remix)

This one isn’t as old as the others but has the real old school feeling with a fast glitchy vocal and a real head down stomper. 

Mental Crush – Bang To The Beat (Original Mix)

I’d say this is in my top 3 heaviest and fastest records I own. I love the vocal and it has the Schranz feel that would be ideal for closing out an insane Gashouder set haha. 

Unknown Artist – Pretty Nice Song

Last but not least is this Schranz edit of Oxia Domino. Super fun and super heavy – another GEM from the past. 


June 1, 2020