Top 5 Tracks | Senses Of Mind

Senses Of Mind joined us last week for our next issue of our Top 5 Tracks article to see what their current top 5 tracks are. Their new EP ‘Origins’ is out now on Labyrinth Music – Click Here to purchase.

Colyn ‘Resolve’ [Afterlife]

This Dutch emerging artist has bought powerful but very new fresh melody sounds in his latest release on Afterlife. We love this track, making it high into our top 5 tracks right now and play this one out a lot.

Marino Canal ‘A Fire In The Sun’ [Siamese Records]

We discovered Marino Canal with this latest release out on Siamese Records. The groove works so good in all our sets, it’s a great track. Look forward to hearing more from him soon.

Alberth ‘Crystallized’ [Be Free Recordings]

Artist Alberth has got us all caught up with Crystallized just listen to it and you’ll understand why.

Adriatique ‘Craft’ [Siamese Records]

These guys are awesome, we met them last year on Extrema outdoor Belgium. and this track is just a piece of art. Not a lot more is needed we think than that as a reason for this being one of our top tracks right now.

Jake Chudnow ‘Prelude To Shona’ [Bloc]

We love this song, we use this almost every time in our opening set.

October 2, 2019