Top 5 Tracks | Weska

Last week we caught up with Weska, a name well known for his hard hitting techno beats.

Having recently released a 2 track EP on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode alongside Bart Skills, as well as his track ‘Alpha Rhythm‘ being featured on Drumcode’s famous A-Sides compilation out at the end of September.

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We had a chat to see what his top 5 favourite tracks are to be played in the morning…

Washed Out – ‘Eyes Be Closed’

This song is so relaxing, uplifting, and slightly epic sounding. It’s a very “full” sounding track but at the same time really chills me out. I’ve always like Washed Out but I just became very into his stuff and he’s now one of my main go to artists.. Was hard to pick a favorite!

Love Lake – ‘Men In Nature’

One of my best friends showed me this track recently and it’s now cycled through our friend group. It’s instrumentally complex, slightly surf rock, and so simple. and the only lyrics are “men in nature”. love it

Tame Impala – ‘Powerlines’

Kevin Parker is one of biggest inspirations, he’s a musical genius in my opinion, so basically anything he does I love ha ha. This song has no lyrics but it’s very soothing to my ears and a perfect tune to wake up to.

Cut Copy – ‘Midnight Runner’

Another band who make it really difficult to choose a favourite song from. I love every song on the album, but Midnight Runner is short and sweet and thought would round this playlist off nicely. It was my favourite album at the time, 11 years ago.

Allah Las – ‘Don’t You Forget It’

My favourite tune from my favourite surf rock band. I had never heard their music before, went to their show, and was instantly hooked. I can vividly remember hearing the guitar riff come in for the first time live, and it’s definitely a nice tune to enjoy your morning coffee to.

Weska’s latest release was his collab EP ‘Polarize’ with Bart Skils on Drumcode.

Next up, his track ‘Alpha Rhythm’ will be featured on Drumcode’s famous A-Sides compilation out at the end of September

September 19, 2019