Abode’s 2016 Welcome Back Party | Full Article

Having never been to the Studio 338 before, we were excited with what Abode were going to do with the venue. The whole event was mad! A Sunday party that sells out every single time…

We arrived to Studio 338 just after 13:00 to see what the venue was made of before it was filled with the sell out crowd. On arrival we flew into the venue with minor queues and within minutes we were inside the terrace.

The venue seemed to fill up so quick with an equal match of boys and girls!

Lee Walker played from 16:00 – 17:00 in the terrace and he had full control of the crowd. He played both his debut at the venue as well as for Abode. Through Walker’s set he played a mixed styled from garage baselines through to rolling tech house hits.

Mid way through Walker’s set he performed his recognised remix, ‘Freak Like Me’. The crowd went completely wild when he dropped this and there wasn’t anyone in the venue that wasn’t singing back the vocals! There must be at least 1000 different videos of this moment…

To purchase Lee Walker’s ‘Freak Like Me’ Remix – Click Here

We were welcomed by Jimmy Switch after Lee Walker. Having played at Studio 338 endless amounts, as well as being an Abode resident he was well aware of what the crowd have in store, madness!

Walker really did set the standards high, so Switch had to keep the levels in the air! We also caught up with Jimmy Switch after his set to talk about few things…

Let’s start with talking about how your set went?

My set for the welcome back party at Studio 338 went really well. I studied the direction I wanted to take the crowd for weeks and i felt as though it payed off as it was one of the most responsive sets I’ve ever played!

What track did you feel got the most recognition when you played it?

Without a doubt Dale Howards excellent remix of Montel – Make It Hot. The minute I heard it i knew it was the perfect track to send the terrace crazy and it certainly did!

In 3 words, describe what an ‘Abode’ experience is to someone who hasn’t been before…

The Perfect Party.

Talk us through your 2016 Ibiza plans…

Well we kick off our Residency at Sankeys Ibiza on June 24th, which im really looking forward too! We will be hosting shows across the summer in the basement and lab!

We also have monthly ABODE Boat parties & maybe the occasional free workers party here and there.

What’s been your biggest achievement to this date?

It has to be when i featured on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 Club Scouts with Steve Lawler. We were chose to speak about our favourite venues that we’d been playing at over the summer of last year and of course we picked Studio 338!

To be on that legendary show for me was something i had only ever dreamed of, so yeah that was pretty sweet!


For the welcome back party, Abode brought two surprise acts to perform in the terrace. These two acts weren’t even announced and the event had still sold out! Alexis Raphael stepped up first and he was announced for the first time on the LCD screen behind the decks.

Sonny Foddera was the second surprise act on the day… He was also announced for the first time via the LED screen behind the DJ decks. Both surprise acts both played amazing sets and kept the crowd going for 120 minutes!

This is the type of power Abode have on the underground music scene! Its recognised as one of the biggest parties in London and without fail they sell out every single event…


March 9, 2016