An Interview With – Chris Child

For our next interview on our ‘An Interview With‘ series, we caught up with Chris Child as he has just released an EP on Under Pressure recordings. The EP consists of two orignals with one remix from Nacho Scoppa.

To purchase – CLICK HERE

Firstly, what new music do you have coming out in the next few months?

I prepared an EP for Under Pressure, the sister label of Under no Illusion, which I have been connected to for many years now as I have previously released on there. The EP features two tech house cuts with a massive remix from Nacho Scoppa, an upcoming talent that we will hear a lot from in the near future. Also, I have a single coming out in September on Wired label.

Do you have any exciting upcoming bookings you can tell us about?

Actually, Im in the middle of my Summer tour in Greece and globally as I visited last month Skopje, Moscow and Dubai

How did you first get into music and what were your early inspirations to get into underground music?

I was a record collector since I was 13 years old spending all my money on records and ending up having 4000 records so my house was full of Vinyls (haha). My early inspiration was the seminal records of NYC House and record labels like Nervous, Strictly Rhythm and Subliminal at the end of the 90s.

What was the first record you released and on what label?

My first record was released on Deeplomatic records and the following years i was able to release to big labels like Subliminal, Nervous and Kingstreet.

When producing, do you spend most of the time writing music whilst on the road? Or do you wait until you are back in the studio?

I always make music in the studio

What does your music production setup consist of in the studio? Hardware or software?

I have a studio full of analogue equipment such as the Moog Sub 37, Dave Smith PROPHET REV 2, Korg Prologue, Behringer Pro 800, Tb 3 and many many more. I used to have Focal Twin 6 as my main monitors then switched to Adam monitors for a couple of years and last year I purchased the latest Focal Alpha evo, which sounds massive!

Would you say your sound has changed over the years? (If so, how has it changed?)

I came from an era that the DJ played what he felt it suit the environment he played and what suits to different dance floors, so my main influences were Danny Tenaglia, Erick Morillo, Carl Cox and they didn’t have a specific genre, they played what they feel so my sound is sometimes techy, sometimes afro, sometimes Techno. I like to take inspiration from different kinds of genres like to play what I feel will go well at that time.

What’s your top 3 artists who have inspired you to be where you are today?

Erick Morillo

Carl Cox

Danny Tenaglia

Away from dance music, what is your go to music to listen to?

I listen to anything, it just depends on the mood.

What’s the funniest story you have whilst being on the road?

A girl once asked me how I managed to play football and be a DJ at the same time because she thought I was Eden Hazard the football player!

Quick fire questions:

Favourite food?


Summer holiday or winter holiday?

Summer holiday Ibiza

Favourite sport?


After party or go home?

Go home

Vinyl or USBs?

Vinyl any day!

Commercial airline or private jet?

Commercial airline

Favourite record label?

At the moment Under no Illusion

Logic or ableton?


August 28, 2023