An Interview With – Manu Gonzalez

For our next interview on our ‘An Interview With‘ series, we caught up with Manu Gonzalez as he gears up to play at Hï Ibiza next Tuesday at Paco Osuna’s Now Here party! He also has a load of other Ibiza bookings this summer too and some new music set to be released.

Hi Manu, how are you doing?

Hello guys! I’m really good, on fire!

Firstly, do you have any exciting upcoming bookings you can tell us about?

So many, this is the biggest year of my 17-year journey as a DJ and Producer. Im currently playing the biggest events, clubs and festivals within the electronic music industry, such as Hï Ibiza with Now Here with Paco Osuna, Ushuaia for ANTS, Defected Records in Ibiza and Malta, elrow at Amnesia Ibiza, Club Chinois with Luciano plus many many more!

Do you have any other bookings with ‘Now Here’ for the rest of the year?

Yes! I’m playing for Now Here in Ibiza and outside of the island for some of the exclusive shows the Now Here family are doing! Buzzing to be part of the project since it started!

What’s your relationship like with Paco Osuna? 

Paco and I have an amazing relationship, he is a mentor for me and we have like a little/big brother vibe  I first met him when he started playing my records for the first time, was such a moment for me, and then the friendship grew, as we are both a persons person and we have a super connection with music, Ibiza, food, and many things!

I’m a resident at Paco’s Now Here and I feel such a part of the project since it started, I’m very thankful for the opportunity he gave me and for being part of it.

Are you planning on doing any back to back sets together?

Well, that would be sick, but I’ve always told Paco that he is such a monster when it comes to playing in the club due to his technique and the way he plays. I would need to play with him at home before haha! His sets are very powerful and am sure it would be a challenge to follow him up  But yes it’s something would love to do in the future!

What new music do you have coming out in the next few months?

I have a release that just came out in June on DPE Records, Stefano Noferini’s label that is working really well. I’m working on something for DEFECTED at the moment also. I have something special coming up on Paco‘s label Mindshake which seems to be the biggest record I’ve ever produced! Also a remix on VIVA for Steve Lawler and some other exciting projects to be announced.

When producing, do you spend most of the time writing music whilst on the road? Or do you wait until you are back home?

To be honest I only work at home. I don’t like working on the road, I like to get inspired while I’m on tour, but not being locked away doing music.

What does your music production setup consist of? (Hardware or software? Favourite plug-in to use for your bass and synth sounds? What monitors do you use?)

I produce music with Logic, I’ve studied 2 years of Ableton, but I passed straight away 10 years ago to using Logic. My favourite plugin for bass is not a plugin, it’s the Moog Sub Phatty! That’s how I do my bass lines. I use the Adams and the KRK for monitors.

Would you say your sound has changed over the years? (If so, how has it changed?)

It hasn’t, I like to produce the same music, however, the quality has improved since now, after working in Ibiza, I always go to Barcelona where I have an engineer that works with me 

How did you first become a DJ?

I worked in a very famous record store for many years, that’s how it all started!! I consider myself a real DJ, I have only done this since I was little, and it’s paying off now as It’s my passion and what I truly loved since day one.

What are your top 3 artists who have inspired you to be where you are today?

Paco Osuna

Marco Carola


Who are your top 5 artists you are digging at the moment?

Paco Osuna

Marco Carola


The Martinez Brothers

Manu Gonzalez? haha!

Away from dance music, what is your go to music to listen to?

Hip-hop and anything GOOD hahaha!

What’s the funniest story you have whilst being on the road?

Wow.. so many. But I will explain a recent one with Paco. We were in Tulum, we had such a nice show and we wanted to go to the beach to relax. For some reason the tour manager (or me haha can’t remember) suggested going to a beach Club – I won’t mention the name for obvious reasons. We went there, and well, it was cloudy and not the nicest beach day, but it was a good vibe. We literally had nachos with some guacamole, 2 espresso martinis, 4 tequilas and 1 water, when we asked for the bill, it was almost 500 euros! We laughed so much (and Paco paid, thank you), we laugh a lot!

Quick fire questions:

Favourite food? My mums food (anything she does) 

Summer holiday or winter holiday? Both 

Favourite sport? tennis!!! 

After party or go home? go home these days or after party if it’s really special occasion..

Vinyl or USBs? USBs for my sets but I love vinyl.

Commercial airline or private jet? commercial airline at the moment, but private jet soon ;))

June 7, 2023