An Interview With Richie Blacker

For our next issue, we welcome Richie Blacker to our An Interview With series. We spoke about his new record label he has recently started, his top 6 favourite artists, what other genres of music he listens to, how he first got into underground music plus so much more.

Richie has also recently released a 2 track EP on Skreams Label, ‘Of Unsound Mind‘ – LISTEN HERE

Hi Richie, how you doing mate?

I’m doing great mate. Thanks for asking. 

Let’s start by talking about your next release, when is this coming out and on what label?

So my next release will be on my new record label “Mess Express”. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and I think the time is right now in my career to start the label and the brand. It’s a project that I’ll be runing with my manager Marty and the first release will be a track from myself called “Eternal Euphoria”. 

It’s a euphoric breakbeat track with uplifting 90s trance pads and 90s rave vocals. It a massive track and the perfect track to start the label off with. 

I will be doing the first few release on the label but eventually I’ll be releasing other artists. So anyone out there wanting to submit their demos then keep and eye on my social media over the next few weeks for the demo submission email address.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before? 

It’s a mash up between Euphoric Electro, Cosmic Acid House, Deconstructed Trance, Breakbeat Laced Electronica, Italo House & Disco, Progressive & 90’s Rave Nostalgia. If that makes any sense 😂. 

Would you say your sound has changed from your first release you ever put out?

100%. I think most producers sound changes over the years. It’s takes a while for you to find your own sound and style as a producer. That is what makes you stand out. But that takes time to achieve. 

Do you have any exciting bookings you’d like to talk about that are happening this year? 

I have loads of festivals this summer. I also have some big gig announcements for the autumn. But I can’t announce them just yet. The BerlinLove Pardae” was a standout gig for me this summer. It was unbelievable and the atmosphere was nothing like I have ever experienced! 

How did you first get involved in underground music? 

I got into rave music at about 8 years old through my older brothers who at the time where in there teens and where going to raves. I use to listen to their rave tape when they where not in on the headphones up in their bedroom. But Daft Punks Homework album really got me into underground rave music at around age 12/13

Who are your top 6 artists who have influenced you to get where you are today and why?

1: Andrew Weatheral

2: Orbital 

3: Sasha 

4: 808 State

5: The KLF

6: Daft Punk

If you could work with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

I love a lot of artists and would love to work with a lot of different people. But Daft Punk would be a dream to work with to create something like their older music. Not so keen on the newer pop stuff they are doing. 

What does your music production setup consist of?

Behringer rd-8

Behringer ms 1

Behringer td-3

Roland mx1

Roland TB3

Roland TB-03 

Roland TR-09

Yamaha cs1x

To name a few! 

What is your most used plugin that you use on every track?

I use Diva, valhalla and the Soundtoys plug-in on everything!

Away from dance music, what is your go to music to listen to?

I listen to everything from, 70s disco to metal to rock to chill out to indie to hip hop to pop and 80s. I think as a good DJ you need to have a good ear for music and not just dance music. I love lots of different style and genres. I could literally play a dj set of any type of music.

August 8, 2022