An Interview With – Solardo

For our next interview, we caught up with the duo that form Solardo. We first caught up with them in 2016 just as they were breaking in the underground dance scene. Now 7 years on, they’ve had numerous amounts of number 1’s in the charts, played all over the world, worked with some of the best artists, run 3 record labels plus so much more!

Hi boys, how you doing? Mad to think that the first interview we done together was in 2016! So good to see you boys smashing it!

Hi yes, thank you it’s been a while! Things are going great, lots going on especially towards the summer season, but very excited! 

Firstly, what new music do you have coming out in the next few months?

Well, we’ve been working on quite a few tracks that we’ll be seeing the light pretty soon but we can say much more, guess you’ll guys we’ll have to stay tuned. 

How do you juggle performing so much and producing music at the same time? 

We love producing new music, I would say is what we love the most, we of course have our own label Sola, so we always find the time to go to the studio whether it’s back at home in the UK to Australia

When producing, how many tracks do you finish when on the road?

It very much depends on how demanding the touring is. Sometimes we have a few days between shows so the creative process flows better thus we get to finish more tracks and other times is just less productive lets say. 

Would you say your sound has changed over the last few years? (If so, how has it changed?)

Yes definitely! As we ourselves grow and evolve, so does our music. 

I guess in the early stages we were a more popular tech house and over the years we’ve found our own particular sound, to be honest, don’t think we can really categorize it. As long as all the clubs and the festivals are loving it, we’re more than happy!

How many record labels are you running and what makes each label different?

So at the moment we have three labels: Sola Music (representing the kind of dancefloor-focused tracks they play in their sets), Sola Nauts (for their crossover output) and Sola Eclipse (for darker, more late-night minimal sounds).

If any artists have promos and demos for you, where is best way of sending them to you?

Do you have any exciting bookings you’d like to talk about that are happening this year? 

Well we definitely have some exciting things happening this year mostly on the summer time but nothing we can share yet 😉 

Who are your top 5 artists you are digging at the moment?

Paco Osuna, Andrea Oliva, Shiba San, Alec Monopoly & Joshwa

Away from dance music, what is your go to music to listen to?

Being from Manchester we like a bit of Oasis 😉

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Well I guess just to keep producing, developing new sounds and keep working with incredible artists.

What’s the funniest story you have whilst being on the road?

Loosing James in Ibiza for 24 hours and finding him on a video on social media jumping off a very large statue of an elephant into a pool, while being egged on by loads of people haha all while we were all worrying… classic James haha!!! 

What’s the worst story you have whilst being on the road?

Flight delays, many many many flight delays …. 

March 21, 2023