Behind The Scenes – 444 Series

For our latest interview on our Behind The Scenes series, we caught up with Victoria Engel to talk about her record label 444 Series.

Hey Victoria thanks for talking to us about your label. Where are you at the moment in the world?

Hi, It’s a pleasure, I’m in Buenos Aires, in Argentina right now.

Let’s start by asking, how did the birth of 444 SERES originally happen and how long has the label been running?

444 Series represents the exact moment and was born with the need to unite all the branches and influences that I have had in my life. Being able to connect music, visual art and technology in the same story.

Every couple of releases I held a showcase inviting the artists involved to play, physically and interactively exhibiting together with the A/V – QUALIA artists the works that distinguish each release, inviting the public to live a multi-sensory experience.

My goal with the label as a platform is to support emerging talents, have established artists, and expand this interactive concept. I base both the musical and visual curation on abstract concepts of great impact. I look for depth, intensity, and expressions that are solid and transformative, that forcefully mobilize the senses.

Do you have any upcoming releases we can talk about that are planned in the pipeline?

We just released a 5th EP on the label from Eme Kulhnek, on the 15th December. That same day, we had the label’s 2nd showcase which took place at the Dune Park Cultural Center, in Argentina. Such an amazing show, and I hope that we continue to do more.

When receiving demos from artists, how long do you normally take to come back to the  artists with an answer?

Usually within 1 week, I try to communicate with the artists who send me material for the label.

If you don’t like the music that’s been sent, do you go back to the artists with any feedback?

I have received very good tracks that often do not match the sound of the label and yes, it is important to communicate with the artists, I always reply with any good feedback.

Do you tend to road-test the tracks before signing them to the label?

Absolutely, the tracks that can go with the label’s line, I ALWAYS TRY THEM ON THE ROAD!

How would you describe the sound of 444 SERES to someone who hasn’t heard you before and would you say the sound has changed over the years?

We are releasing more classic, solid techno, some more experimental, minimalist things,
as well as some more dubby, ambient or old-school electro trends. (as rarities).
The EPs are made up of 3 original tracks, without remixes at the moment.

How far ahead is your record label release schedule looking like?

At this time, as I mentioned, we are on the 5th release, and we have already planned until release No.15. I’m excited, as there are some really great collaborations that are coming. Having your own label really gives you a lot of creative freedom, and that’s something I am enjoying.

Do you have any events planned?

Now that we just had the last one on Friday, we are working on more for 2024, but aren’t able to confirm dates and details just yet. For me it’s important that listeners come to the events and listen to the music in real-time, in an environment that makes the most of the tracks. We have some amazing projections created with the Qualia A/V team

What we project on the screen are the channels of the track, there are several to choose from, and by touching the images on the wall, each one can reverse the track by managing the volumes and planes of each of the channels. It is such a novel experience that I have the honour to say that nothing like it has ever been done before, so I really hope everyone can come and experience it.

I always wanted to make people part of my creations, open the game to them with what happens to them through the sounds that I use and intervene in my productions. I imagined something multi sensory where visual art and plastic art are also present and you can appreciate the works that distinguish the covers of my releases, in attractive dimensions as well as the sound. Once I had this vision in my head, I joined the Qualia A/V team, and in a few weeks, incredibly, thanks to their knowledge and my hyperactivity, we gave concrete shape to everything I had imagined.

What are your record label plans for the next 5 years?

At this moment the label is one of the projects that motivates me the most, for the following years I plan to continue publishing national artists, have established artists, and expand this interactive idea in each of my showcases.

January 10, 2024