Behind The Scenes: elrow

We recently spoke with Milo, a true key player behind the crazy and wonderful designs of elrow. As many of you already know what an elrow party is like, it never fails to disappoint…

Endless amounts of decorations, confetti, inflatables, live actors who come through the crowd and the best house & techno hits to keep you moving for hours.

We spoke about how he comes up with the ‘elrow‘ themes, how all the designs are actually made, what his favourite party is to this date is plus so much more…

We have seen some of the craziest, yet amazing themes over time… How do you actually come up with the ideas for the themes?

Our themes are based on real life. We take everyday characters and situations that we see in the real world and turn them into fun, over the top, comedic situations through immersive performance and decoration. It’s all about playing with people’s perceptions and stereotypes and flipping them on their head.

How would you say you are where you are today? 

Shout out to Rowgelia.

What’s your favourite genre of music? 

Tech House Bangers!

To this date, what elrow show has been your favorite and why?

At Parklife in Manchester last year we did the Sambodromo de Brasil theme on the biggest scale we have done here in England. We had 10 foot inflatable animals – a rhino, gorilla amongst others – wandering around the crowd adding to the jungle vibe and generally freaking people out. It looked incredible.

How long do you plan a theme for prior to a show and how do you make sure everything runs smoothly throughout this process? 

Shows are planned around 6 months in advance, if not more. Everything needs to be meticulously timed to make sure everything is put up correctly and with enough time and to make sure each venue is completely transformed and look as elrow as possible in its own way.

An elrow theme is definitely the most recognized in the underground music scene. Did you ever plan for this to happen when you first started out?

All the decor/costume is made in a similar style by a hardworking team of set builders in Barcelona.

How did the link up take place between yourself and elrow?

I had been doing production work for a variety of different event companies before working with elrow a couple of years ago when they did our first London show at Village Underground. From there on it has been non-stop.

How would you describe an elrow party in words to someone who hasn’t yet been?


Are all the decorations re-used all over the world or are they freshly used each time?

All the decor is kept in a massive warehouse in Barcelona and moves around week by week. One week one theme could be in Dubai, the next in Madrid etc. We have a dedicated team in the warehouse which is constantly fixing existing pieces and creating new decor and costumes.

Throughout elrow shows, there are parts where elrow cast interact with the crowd. Why do you do this?

This is a really important part of the show for us. We use trained actors and performers who walk around the crowd interacting with the public. They are all given a particular costume and character and are really encouraged to make it their own. It’s the best way to get people in the mood for the party and get people really involved with the show and each specific theme.

elrow host four shows in London at Tobacco Dock on March 11th and Village Underground on 10th12th March. Watch out for a huge announcement coming on Tuesday 7th March!

March 6, 2017