Behind The Scenes – Homegrown

Last week we caught up with Rossi and Amee in for an in-depth interview about the label and brand Homegrown.

The brand is growing super fast and the plans they have are amazing! We spoke about how the label started, the intimate events they are putting on, what the plans are for the next 5 years plus so much more!

Hi guys nice to catch up with you, how are you doing today?

Hi there! Doing great thanks .. we just got back from OFF WEEK! It was a blast out in Barcelona, now for a couple of days R&R before Ross heads to play Glastonbury Festival!

Let’s start by asking, how did the birth of Homegrown originally happen and how long has it been running?

Homegrown was born out of an idea for a radio show! Ross has always liked the idea of hosting his own radio show where he introduces the guests. We had an offer to start working with Ibiza Global Radio, so we decided to take the slot and start a show. We both came up with the idea of the word ‘Homegrown’ as we wanted to showcase artists from all over the world, whether big or small notoriety and their sounds!

We liked the idea that everyone is inspired by their surroundings, the food they eat, the music they listen to etc. Which then develops into a sound they create, the fascination behind this is what led us to the idea behind “Homegrown.” a brand. 

Where is the label/party based?

We are based out of London, but the plan is to begin touring the event worldwide.

Do you have any upcoming releases we can talk about that are planned in the pipeline?

We just had a release last week! It was from a young artist with a bright future ahead of them called ‘Mad.Again’!  The tunes have been smashing the dance floors, with support from Enzo Siragusa, Chris Stussy, Raresh, Nu Zau, Archie Hamilton & many more! The strong EP is accompanied by a remix from the stylish US producer ‘Liquid Earth’!

These are the first guests we have welcomed into our home, and we plan on inviting more people going forwards! Stay tuned to see who is up next 🙂

How would you describe the sound of Homegrown to someone who hasn’t heard before?

In all honesty, I wouldn’t say there is a specific Homegrown sound. I don’t want the label to be restricted, the same as the Homegrown podcast. The only thing that I would say is that it is music which is aimed at the dance floor, everything is for the people who turn up at the clubs and want to hear dance music in the right setting. Expect big basslines, funky organs, soaring synths & drums that make you want to move!

How far ahead is your record labels release schedule looking?

At the moment we are looking at releases up until the end of 2023 & beginning to plan for the start of 2024.

We’ve seen you’ve announced some homegrown events. Can you go into detail where, when and what venues you will be using? Will this be a one of event or do you have others planned?

Homegrown events are in the pipeline, we recently hosted our first event ever! This year we are running our opening series of events which are called “INTIMATE.” with the plan for next year to start hosting larger scale ‘ticketed’ events. 

Our first event two weeks ago was an invitation only event, which we sent out invites in the post! The idea behind it was to get a collection of people we know together to birth the event in an intimate family setting. 

It was the perfect way for us to start building the hype. The venue was a secret club in Soho which looks like someones living room. We wanted people to feel like they were walking into a party in our home, not just walking into a club! This is something we want to carry on through our events! 

Our next event in the intimate series will be later this summer in London. It will be a ‘Pop-up’ style event, in an even cooler location which matches the branding idea behind some of the print in our clothing collection …. TBA 😉

What are your record label plans for the next 5 years?

For the next five years, the plan is just to keep releasing good dance floor music to the world. There isn’t a pressure for us to become the biggest & most iconic label around. We just want to showcase music & artists who we think have a vibe we relate to and want to work with!

To sign music with Homegrown, what is the process

For signing music to Homegrown, It will take time to build up the body of work which showcases you as an artist. To build an ep together that really showcases the artists in all the right ways. Building up a relationship with myself personally always helps aswell, whether via sending demos to my email ([email protected]) or even on my social media platforms. I try to be as responsive as I can if I hear music which I like and want to invest my time into building something with. 

June 28, 2023