Cowlin Presents: David Glass


We welcome David Glass to the article series. Back in 2015 his EP was released on record label Hot Creations entitled ‘Hot Summer Jams part 2’ which creeped up the no.11 in the Beatport charts!

We spoke with David to see what he’s been up to recently, what he has in the pipeline for his music for 2016, as well as him telling us all the names that have been supporting his music plus so much more…

2016 now amongst us, what do you have planned for your releases this year as well as your DJ bookings? 

I have a new EP due out next month on Circus Recordings called “Gimme Love” with a friend Moji on vocals, it’s been remixed by Mihalis Safras, Pirupa & Lee Walker. Also have a remix for Paul C & Paulo Martini due out in a few weeks on “Under No Illusions” which is a label you should look out for this year!

My follow up to “Jammin” with local friends CDC has also just been released on this label, Its called “Fox in the box” and has been receiving plays at BPM festival from Marco Carola. I have just signed some other tracks too, but can’t announce just yet.

For bookings I have gigs coming up in Berlin, London, Liverpool, Norwich, Shrewsbury over the next few months. Also some festivals in the summer, SSW6 in Cumbria & Somerly Tea Party. I’m really looking forward to playing the up coming Circus shows in London & Liverpool, including Ministry of Sound on March 19th with Kerri Chandler & Yousef. March 26th Circus is back at the Camp & Furnace in Liverpool, the line up is ridiculous and includes Marco Carola, The Martinez Brothers, Yousef, Paco Osuna to name a few.

Discount tickets are available now for the Ministry of Sound event which are £15 using promotional code ‘Systematik‘ via


In 2015 you released music with label Hot Creations, how did this link up take place? 

I knew Richy Ahmed was supporting a lot of my tracks so I started sending him some of my unsigned stuff for consideration. Both him and Jamie loved “Jammin” and played it all summer. I was buzzing when they wanted to sign it for the Hot Summer Jams part 2 EP! It got to number 11 in the beatport tech house charts too which was a bonus!


How did becoming a DJ happen for you?

I was just an outgoing person and started attending raves in Liverpool and loving it! I actually started producing before DJing. I’d try to make tracks similar to tracks i’d hear at events like Circus in Liverpool. After a while and receiving good feedback on the tracks, I started to have a go at DJing back at parties and at friends houses, then finally got my own set up and was offered a residency at a club in Liverpool called Badformat, i’d play the warm up slot and the closing set most weekends so that definitely helped me learn to DJ!

What established DJs have been supporting your music?

Proud to say that a lot of my favourite and respected DJ’s have supported my music. Carl Cox, Yousef, Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Luciano, DJ Sneak, Richie Hawtin to name a few. I’ve also had some tracks played on Pete Tongs Radio One show.

You have played Circus in Liverpool numerous amounts of times, whats it like to play?

Its amazing for me because the first time I went to Circus I was hooked on underground music right away. Circus plays a big part in why I DJ and make music. The atmosphere is incredible and to be given a chance to play at my favourite event is a dream come true. I’m really proud to be playing at Circus regularly and hopefully it continues for many years.

Ibiza 2016, what do you have planned?

I have a few things lined up which I can’t announce just yet but I will be over a few times in the summer for sure!

Back in 2015 you played for Carl Cox’s Ibiza party, at Space. How did this happen? 

Early on in 2015 I was named “Producer of the year” for 2014 by Carl Cox, He’d been supporting my music all year round and I was given the opportunity to remix his track “Time for house music” which was released on Circus Recordings. As you can imagine for a young lad coming through this was amazing… I was then offered to join the Safehouse Management DJ agency for worldwide representation.

I was shocked when 2 bookings came in to play on the Terrace at Space warming up for Yousef. I was quite nervous but it was the best experience of my life! The room was wall to wall chocker after about half an hour of opening. I played a warm up set for Yousef to follow. As usual from me, my set was a mixture of groovy baselines and jackin’ beats. It was amazing to test new production and getting a really good reaction.

Carl Cox started his ‘Essential Mix’ with your lead track of your EP back in 2012, anything in the pipeline for a 2016 airtime play?

It’s always nice to receive some air play, especially in an essential mix listened to by so many people. There’s nothing in the pipe line but hopefully my tracks this year will be noticed by the DJ’s/presenters.

Away from the music scene, what else do you get up to in your time?

Most days do revolve around music and even on weekends if I don’t have a gig anywhere I try to attend the local events and go out with lads. Most weekdays involve going to the gym then working in the studio. Nothing exciting really.



February 3, 2016