Cowlin Presents: Sam Divine


We caught up with a name that is definitely recognised in the underground scene, Sam Divine.

She’s been making an impact to the scene for a while now, playing all over the globe as well as headlining festivals. She’s also the brains behind the label D-Vine Sounds which has some strong content being released this year.

She told us how she got into the DJ’ing in the first place, what we can expect to hear this year on her label ‘D-Vine Sounds‘, where we can see her performing this year plus more, what her highlights from 2015 were plus more!

Lets begin with talking about your new label project, D-Vine Sounds.

What type of sound will be released on your label?

We haven’t got a current theme that runs through the label. If we love it then we sign it. I think this simple ethos will serve us a great purpose in the future as trends tend to change all the time. As an independent record label I want to look back in years to come and be proud of our back catalogue.12660296_10207324909274549_773537860_n

What can we expect to hear on the label this year?

We work with some amazing artists from all over the world! Our latest signing is Dantiez Saunderson from the states, his father Kevin Saunderson is a Techno legend so we were so happy when the demo landed in my inbox.

Curtis Gabriel is a big part of the label as he was the first artist we featured when we 1st launched so it was a no brainer to ask him to remix Dantiez’s track. Its called ‘Everywhere you go’ feat Khilla and will be released on 12th Feb. Timmy P from Leeds is also a frim favaourite of mine, he has a strictly rhthym vibe to his sound which I massively dig as it carries heritage and the music he makes doenst have a shelf life which is really important to me.

Casey Spillman, Qubiko, Dennis Quin, CASSIMM and Havana Dub are also all making dope music.


Why did you decide on starting your own label and what are the first steps to launching a label? 

I had some time off at the beginning of last year so to fill the void I went on a soundcloud mission for days and found some really cool music. I couldn’t believe that these tracks weren’t signed to big labels, they had real heart and emotion to them but no labels were jumping on them.

I felt that the world needed to hear this music and I was in a great position to do this. I had a lunch meeting with my management team and this casually came up in conversation, my managers exact words were ‘why don’t you start your own record label and sign the music’ the next day D-Vine Sounds was born.

I had no idea how to set up my own business nor did I realize how easy it was or I probably would of done it a long time ago. Once you have a vision and a brand and surround yourself with like minded people that share your vision then the opportunities are endless.

Sustaining a high level is the hardest bit, it took a lot of late nights and endless conversations to get to the standard we are now but I’m very proud of the label, my team and the direction we are heading in.


How did you get yourself into DJing and what were you first steps of your career?

I started in a shed at the bottom of my mums garden in Weston Super Mare. She didn’t let me into the House for a year. I’m self taught and practiced on vinyl non stop for 6 months before entering a DJ competition which I won.

From there I had a residency and started working in a local record shop before I was head hunted for Chemical Records which at the time was Europe’s biggest online record store. It was a challenge but I was around tons of vinyl everyday so this is where I learnt my knowledge.

I would go down to the warehouse on my lunch break and listen to the back catalogue of my favourite labels. I wanted to learn the heritage of House music and everything that went with it. I was so hungry when I first started. Now it’s a different kind of hunger, it’s a grind that I thrive off and couldn’t live without. I’m totally obsessed with Music.

Anything in the pipeline on your own productions for 2016?

I’m still buzzing over ‘Flowers‘, it was number 1 on traxsource in the House chart and Overall chart for weeks and has had over a million plays on Soundclcoud aswell as being signed to a Ministry Of Sound Compilation. Curtis Gabriel and I are working on our next single called ‘Confessions‘ which is an original and we are already bouncing ideas around for a follow up.

Production is not my number 1 priority right now but I think it’s important to put your name to material. I only started producing because I wanted to know what it felt like to play your own tracks so to play ‘Flowers‘ at festivals all over the world and see 6000 people go loopy to it it was a milestone in my career for sure and a feeling you cant really describe until you’ve experienced it yourself. I’ve certainly got a taste for production but DJ’ing will always be my number 1.


What was your biggest highlight from your performances from 2015?

There’s so many! I played over 15 festivals last summer and had a residency at Amnesia, Ibiza where I was closing the terrace most weeks. Totally different ball games but the feeling is the same. The energy at festivals is something else. I closed the Defected tent at We are FSTVL last year to 6000 people all chanting “One more tune” at the end of my set.

Closing the terrace at 7.30am at the Defected closing party at Amnesia, Ibiza to ‘You’ve got the love‘ as the sun as shining through will always be memorable.


What festivals can we expect to see you playing at this year?

I’m playing a lot of main stages before and after some massive acts this summer which is a huge leap from 3 years ago where I was playing opening sets. D-Vine Sounds will be hosting a beach party at Groove Fest in Dominican Republic which is a big look for us, I’ll be back at We are FSTVL with Defected and also playing at Defected‘s 5 day festival in Croatia plus loads of UK festivals.

How do you prepare yourself before your set?

There’s a skill in playing festivals, you have to approach it completely different to club gigs. I was resident at Ushuaia in Ibiza for 3 years so learned a lot from that residency, playing outside is my favorite place to play, I love digging deep and showing my more soulful side for beach parties and if you play later then you can take people on a journey after sunset.

Mambo’s is my favorite place to put this into play. For a club set I approach it slightly different and depending what time I’m playing. If I’m closing then you need to bring a lot of energy to the table, if I’m playing peak time then I play what I would want to hear at that time of the night.


Whats your relationship between you and Defected Records and how did this come about?

Simon Dunmore the owner of Defected records has been my mentor for many years. I learn so much from him everyday even now. He’s a very clever guy and I respect him not just as the gaffer but someone who gave me an opportunity and took a risk with me when no one else was entertaining female talent.

To be the first lady of Defected Records which has been at the forefront of Dance music consistantley for 16 years is a huge title to have and not something I ever take for granted. When I first started mixing pretty much all of my record collection was Defected, I mixed it to death, the Soulful vibe they created completely consumed me.

I knew that I wanted to be a part of Defected it was just a case of how was I going to make it happen. I’m a firm believer in creating opportunities for yourself so I went to Defected religiously every Tuesday at Pacha in Ibiza for 2 years just taking in the presence of the label and what it did for me personally and musically.

The A&R manager at the time for Defected used to come into the record shop I managed in Notting Hill, we bumped into each other in Ibiza at a Defected party and he introduced me to Simon. The rest as they say is history…

Sam Divine B2B Sonny Fodera Live At Shakedown Festival:

February 5, 2016