iNCEPT Glasgow Speak About Their Journey

For our Behind The Scenes interview series, we had a chat with Glasgow based event brand, iNCEPT. We spoke about how their brand started, who was their first act they booked, what they want from this year plus more…

How long has your event brand been running and how did it start?

We just recently celebrated 2 years of the brand last week with headlining DJ Sam Paganini at Glasgow’s SWG3 Warehouse. The iNCEPT project came about as a more serious approach to running nights as we had already hosted a techno night in our local area for a few years prior.

We felt a lot of people were there in attendance but not actually there for the music, so this was one of our main objectives with iNCEPT as well as showcasing some of our favourite worldwide artists.

So far I think it would be fair to say we have been pretty successful in achieving this with the resources at our disposal.

Who was the first headliner you ever booked and how did the event go?

In all honesty, we were ridiculed with bad luck from the get go. We had Ron Costa booked to headline Saint Judes in Glasgow for our opening party alongside our residents, but 2 weeks before the event the venue flooded and all club bookings were postponed. Luckily enough we managed to change the venue to TUR (also based in Glasgow), and we were able to go ahead with the night which was a success and set the standard for our events thereafter!

What do you aim to happen for your event brand this year?

I think we want to maintain the quality of the night at a justified ticket price so everyone can attend who wants to. There seem to be new club nights launching every month and unfortunately, a high percentage of these nights also use SWG3. Our 12-hour summer party is always something we look forward to as it offers a slightly different experience as we change the layout and of course it is extra hours to rave!

Our events over the past 18 months have really taken off and it is essential we keep meeting that standard to ensure we can remain a successful club night. If we can continue to achieve that for the remainder of this year and beyond, we will be in safe hands.

If you moved your event brand overseas, where would you move it to and why?

At this moment it isn’t really something we’ve thought about as we are focusing purely on Glasgow for the time being. This would only be something we would experiment with after we consistently establish ourselves in Glasgow.


April 5, 2017