Introducing – Andy Stanton

For our new interview series ‘Introducing‘, we welcome different parties, brands and everything in between from all around the world.

We welcome artist manager and social media AD guro Andy Stanton for our next issue.

Hi mate nice to catch up with you, how are you doing today?

Very well thank you, just traveling back from Liverpool to LDN atm, moving about every weekend at the moment, really don’t know where to settle the office haha

Let’s start by asking, what do you do for the underground music scene?

I manage Late Replies, the hottest duo in the world rn! I used to run 33 events in UK and Ibiza (sleeping giant) and I do alot of Ads/Marketing for brands/artists in the industry 😉

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Where are you based in the world?

I’m a global citizen! Ibiza, Dubai, London, Liverpool and just been in Bali for a couple months.

Do you have any upcoming parties we can talk about that are planned in the pipeline?

Nothing atm for 33… We may bring it back in the future but for now, it’s a sleeping giant. Late Replies have alot of big headline shows though for the rest of the year across UK and Europe! They just got back from a South American tour aswell which was dopeee.

We see you are a bit of a guru on social media, can you tell us more please about what you do?

I run Ads on IG and FB.. Been doing this for about 7 years and since COVID I started to offer my services out. Since then it’s absolutely blown up! Now i’m running campaigns and helping alot of the highest profile artists, brands and festivals in the world grow.. I also do them for alot of other businesses aswell. Pretty much across every industry you can think of lol! 

Do you have any tips and tricks for anyone using social media ads?

Main advice is you need to run Ads to grow. It’s literally impossible now unless you’re on TV / a bird / influencer lol… Best way to grow and reach new audiences + retarget followers/fans.

The algorithms only allow your content to hit about 10% of your following these days, so we need Ads to make sure everyone who should be seeing our content actually does!

I’ve made loadsss of courses and guides to help people on my site to help everyone actually move forward cause its so difficult these days.

Do you have any plans on setting up a record label?

We recently launched our record label called Black Label Recs by Late Replies.. Our first release went number 1 (Dream EP – Late Replies) and we’ve got some amazing plans to come with it. The label really represents the Late Replies underground sound 😉

What’s your favourite go to music to listen to?

If im not listening to underground beats, you can catch me listening to Drake, Weeknd, UK charts or a cheeky meditation playlist to relax the minddd.

August 26, 2022