Introducing – The Oynx Club

For our latest interview on our Introducing interview series, we caught up with Jade who is the head honcho of clothing brand The Oynx Club.

Hi Jade, nice to catch up with you, how are you doing today?

Hey Dan! Lovely to catch up with you and thank you for talking with me today, I’m really good thanks.

Let’s start by asking, how did the birth of Oynx Club originally happen and how long has it been running?

It has always been a vision of mine to have an all black clothing brand! I’m one to always wear black, my whole wardrobe in fact is full of black clothing and I didn’t actually know anywhere else on the market where you could go directly to find black only clothing rather than having to search for hours and hours, so I thought I would put my love for black clothing and fashion together and that is how Oynx Club was born!

I began the idea in lockdown, but after a break I started the full launch last august, we actually just had our 1st year birthday since the launch! So that was special. 

Where are you based in the world?

I’m based in London.

What is your 5 year plan for where you want Oynx Club to be?

I would love for Oynx Club to be a big scale brand and being sold in Selfridges and all across the world. Thats the dream! 

How did you come up with the name Oynx Club and what does it mean?

So, Onyx is used to refer to a deep black colour and as it is an all black clothing brand I thought the name Onyx would be perfect. As well as this, Black Onyx is a powerful gemstone that is believed to provide strength, protection and grounding so I thought all of these factors fit well within the brand and are the sort of message I want to put out to the world.

How would you describe the style of clothing you are creating at the moment?

The style is everything. We want Oynx to be your go to brand. We do pieces for the rave and festivals but also for the gym and to chill in! An affordable range with top tier materials.

What does your clothing line currently consist of and are you planning on adding new pieces to the line in the future?

We have had our favourite wavy tee launch at the beginning of summer which has flown out! I am just working on AW23 now and will have lots of new pieces to come.

Who has been wearing some of your pieces?

I still can’t even believe some of the amazing names I have had wear Oynx Club and I am honestly so grateful for the support I have had so far! The likes of Micheal Bibi, East End Dubs, Seb Zito, Iglesias, Jess Bays, Alisha, Rossi have all been wearing Onyx Club and it has been a dream come true!

September 14, 2023